Saturday, July 03, 2010

A beautiful summer day......

A beautiful summer day today. July is starting very well indeed. I have just been out in the garden cutting back some of the rampant growth. However, I am now totally melting. That is a nice way of saying that I am a puddle, with bright red face and am dripping in a highly unattractive fashion. My hands are still grubby after scrubbing them, and my nails are history. And we will not mention the hair, which was quite under control before my garden effort.

Oh well.

It is the weekend, and I have no intention of going anywhere right now.

Missy and her parents are in the Alps, and are having a wonderful time. Missy has never had so much space to play, and Marge has swings, and gazebos, and little tables and chairs, paddling pools etc in her garden, and I think my granddaughter would be happy to stay right there in the garden for the rest of summer. I know the feeling well.

Mum and I ventured out early to find her some suitable summer clothes, as she is shrinking and everything she has is way too large. A successful trip. So she has some pretty things to wear now. I could do with a bit of shrinkage. But let me tell you that my loathing of town on a Saturday has not changed. It is my least favourite thing to do. Ever. We were going to my absolute favourite garden centre for their 50% off sale today, but realistically, I looked round my garden and decided that there was nowhere to put anything, so I resisted the urge, and ignored the craving for fruit scones and coffee. The best fruit scones. I am feeling very virtuous at the moment. Dripping and virtuous. This is not a good look.

Diana has finally found and ordered her glasses, thank heavens. Another tick on the list. My list for July - or flowchart thingy- is starting to look like spaghetti junction. I am off to Bath in a week for another appointment with the CRPS team down there too.

And my mother had an unearthly experience at 3am, apparently. A bright shining light flooded her bedroom. We are all quite put out that she didn't leap to her feet and investigate. It could have been an alien with his spaceship. Or an angel. I did point out that if she had, we could have sold her story to the Daily Star or some such place, and retired. It has been the source of much mirth and speculation from us all today, I can tell you. Mother included. She is under strict orders to wake us all if it happens again. I will be ready with the camera.

Unless we are abducted, of course.


Linda said...

I am sitting here smiling Linds. I just love your posts.
I'm glad your weather has finally decided to cooperate and act like summer. I get the same way when I finally break down and brave the heat to do some gardening. In addition to all the things you mentioned, I itch all over. I'm not sure what it is, but I can't wait to hop in the shower and wash away the itch.
I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for pictures of the mysterious light source. When it hits the news wires, I can tell everyone I know you!

Fran said...

As long as you don't have mirrors in your garden, it doesn't matter what you end up looking like. Unless the doorbell goes, that is, and you find it's your elegant coiffured neighbour come to borrow sugar.

Jane said...

Could it have been the same alien that mysteriously opened the french doors in my Mother-in-law's room last night?

Becky said...

You have me laughing again!

The Bookworm said...

I think I'd prefer an angel to an alien.

Needled Mom said...

I do hope that you have the camera in hand for the next event. That would make a fabulous story.