Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Totally random bits today.........

We seem to have temporarily misplaced summer. There are dark clouds overhead, and the washing and I are getting plenty of exercise. In, out, in, out etc etc. At the moment, it is artistically draped over my kitchen in a fetching manner. And as I have just felt the need to water my pots, you can guarantee that the heavens will burst open and the second flood will begin any moment now.

Jean and I had a trip to Waitrose this morning, where I got to salivate over the sat navs, and netbooks and laptops. And TVs, and little dresses for little girls. And garden things. But especially the electronic thingies. I haven't got a laptop, and as I can't afford one right now, the netbooks are looking like a good alternative. But I will get a laptop one day, so is it silly to get something else? Should I just wait? You see, I have no idea when one day is going to be. Sigh. I did pat the laptop I have my eye on. It can wait. So maybe a little netbook is a good interim measure. Providing I can see the screen and read what is on it, of course. Jean and I were grinning as we looked at the TVs. And the size of the ones we thought our aging eyes could cope with. Not tiny, people.

Just as well they didn't have any iPads. I wanted to play with one. I have yet to actually see one up close. I absolutely love walking around somewhere like that just dreaming, and trying things. Just now and then. Fun. And the company, the coffee and the cake was excellent, of course!

I have also noticed that my hearing is not what it used to be. How?? My mobile phone beeps 5 times when I get a text message. I only hear the last 2. Maybe. now and then. Sigh. Remember what I said about turning 50??? BAAAAAAAAAAD idea. So when I am out anywhere, I never ever hear my phone. Just perfect.

Next I will need an ear horn. To go with the magnifying glass I bought for £1 this morning.

They were out of zimmer frames. (walking frames)


The Bookworm said...

I played with an iPad last week - very nice! Much nicer than a netbook, and probably a good enough substitute for a laptop.

I'm not 50 until October, but I never heard my phone when all it did was beeb. Now I have it said to play a Bach violin partita when I get a text. As it lasts for a good two minutes I have a fighting chance of hearing it ... usually some time after all the neighbouring shoppers!

The Bookworm said...

Oops! That would be have it "set", not "said".

Christine said...

I can identify with that feeling of excitement at shiny, techie thingies that look so seductive in silver or black.

I love my laptop - worth saving up for.

Vee said...

iPad? Netbook? Uh? Okay, my age is definitely showing. I've got to stop reading here. No offense, but every time I stop by, I learn something new about myself that I had not heretofore considered. Like the ear horn thing. Just because my son told me that he banged upon the door and couldn't get me to answer this morning... I hadn't considered the possibility that I am deaf; he's not able to pound hard enough. :D

Needled Mom said...

The electronics are always so much fun to look at, but it seems they are outdated as soon as they arrive on the shelves.

Hope that your summer returns soon. It is short enough as is.