Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well the week seems to have disappeared somwhere................

Time has a way of running past without you realising, doesn't it. This week has been a week of mixed emotions. My daughter has flown away, and so help me, first someone stood on her camera on the plane and broke the LCD display, and then she lost it in Vancouver. Not good. But she is having a great time discovering another new place, and seems to be loving every minute of it all. Tomorrow, she flies home to NZ, and her life there.

I have a friend who heard this week that the cancer she thought she had beaten 10 years ago is back. I was with her when she heard the news from her consultant at the hospital appointment. Bad things happen all the time, and I hate it when they happen to my friends. So she is having an op on Monday week, and your prayers for healing would be greatly appreciated.

Glynis, one of my star friends, has also been in hospital. Sigh. We are all cracking up and breaking down and falling to pieces round these parts. Not good at all. Jean has hurt her foot too.

The school holidays are here at last in England - Scotland has been on holiday for ages already. And predictably, the weather has taken a turn for the worse. But at least it is not cold. My garden continues to surprise me by the day - new plants blossoming all over the place, and the abundance of beans is a delight. We eat freshly picked veg from the garden every day.

Bureaucracy battling however, is not a delight. There has been a lot of that round here this week too. And happily, the meds are starting to work a little so life is not tinged by the redness of discomfort to quite the same degree. Good grief. I am the master of understatement. What I am saying in plain English is that the pain is slightly better now that the meds are being slowly increased. It has all been a disaster. But we will get there. One day.

I am talking gibberish now. Time to go and have a nap and some chocolate I think. Maybe go and be mindful in my garden as I water it. We will see.

I will be back and hopefully more perky later. Have a great Saturday!


Crystal said...

Too bad about Diana's camera! Vancouver is a delightful city - so green and on the ocean - just beautiful. When you come to visit, we'll go over and rent bikes and pedal around Stanley Park :)) Too bad about Glynis, Jean and the others - I will pray for them. Enjoy the time in your garden - just soak it up and just be!

Vee said...

Now listen here, you and all your precious friends get together, hold hands, pray a little, eat something yummy, drink something tasty, and hold one another together, okay?

Dawn said...

So sad that she's gone, and sorry about the camera! No pictures from Vancouver forthcoming, for sure.

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it??

Edith said...

Just catching up with you...I really enjoyed your post about "mindfulness". I've started a "gratitude journal" ... trying to be disciplined in writing in it every night. It hasn't happened since before the trip to Chicago though.

Sorry about the camera...and Diana being gone. Also your friends...cancer is a 4 letter word in my book.


Edith said...

Would love to chat on Facebook...not sure how to search for you though.

Linda said...

It never gets any easier to say good-by. Praying her safely home and for your friend too Linds. It does seem that life has a way of handing us too many things at once.
I think a nap and chocolate are the perfect thing.
Have a blessed sunday Linds.

Isabelle said...

Thinking of you in your Dianaless state. Glad your pain is better. And thanks so much for mentioning that Scotland's holidays are different from England's - it's always a (minor) irritation when the BBC announces that it's the first day of the hols... when we're more than half way through ours and beginning to think about going back to college!

Needled Mom said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I will definitely keep her in my prayers.

Stepped on her camera??? How does that happen? Then to loose it???? Amazing!

I hope the weather improves for the kids on holiday.