Thursday, July 08, 2010

The day after a long day......

Morning, all.

Well, that is better. At least I can read my own blog now. ScrappinBlogs has a slight issue with their host so all the code has been removed. Which meant you needed to have x-ray vision to read anything on this blog. And I have been studiously ignoring the new design feature on Blogger, but HAD to go and find something simple, so here we are. Desperate measures and all that. I foresee trawling through templates in my immediate future, and we all know how much I HATE CHANGING ANYTHING here.

This is shaping up to be a spectacular day, I can see. Just full of my favourite things. I need to go and dig up potatoes. In RCR terms, that means upending a pot and removing said potatoes from the soil, tossing away the foliage and sticking the soil back in the pot. No actual digging is involved, but it sounds good. No worms or wiggly things involved at all either, which suits me just fine.

Yesterday came and went. Just another day on the surface, but so much more beneath. And my memories of that night are still so vivid, and probably always will be. It is as though a bomb went off inside this family and changed our lives forever. But the earth keeps turning, and night follows day, and children grow, and so do we. Older, in my case. Thank you all for your lovely messages. They mean a great deal to me.

I sent my lawyer an email reminding her of the date. I live in hope that it will speed things up. However, I am not holding my breath.

Diana is off on her final road trip before she departs, and David heard yesterday that he has pased his second year, so that is wonderful. Relief. He hated the pharmacology section and was a little concerned. But all is well. Pharmacology is history. One more year of his Bachelor's degree left to do and then he will be considering Master's programmes. I think. Ridiculous, really. The child was a toddler just a few months ago. Or so it seems.

Right. Time to find a template. I need coffee to fortify myself.


Needled Mom said...

I love the new look! I need to do something with mine and I, too, dread the thought of changing.

Have fun digging those potatoes.

Dawn said...

Lovely new fresh look! Only one more year of uni for David? Only 3 years in England? Amazingly fast.

I hope your lawyer gets the message!

Come on over and chuckle at the antics of the little "twos"!

Have a good rest of the day.

Linds said...

Yes, three years, Dawn, but don't forget the kids go to school for 13 years here, and the last 2 years (A levels) they study just 3+ subjects, instead of the 11+ for GCSE, and A levels are the equivalent to university courses in some countries!

Janine (txmomx6) said...

Glad that you're doing well, Linds. I was thinking of you yesterday.

Crystal said...

After a morning spent weeding, pulling potatoes out of a pot sounds delightful and easy :) I did pick lettuce and admired the little raspberries forming on the bushes. But the rest of our garden is woefully slow - rain and cold weather do not help seedlings to grow well. Congrats to David - it's such a relief to see those marks, isn't it?!! I like your new look - very summery! I had the same surprise when I went to Scrappin' Blogs on Sunday night. Have a happy day!

Sandra said...

Just stopping by to catch up, love the new look Linds :)

Isabelle said...

Very pretty layout! I never change mine - too complicated.

Four years - really? What is there to say? - words aren't enough but thoughts are flying through the air from me as well as your other bloggy friends.

I feel the same about my "baby" - in charge of 8 wards overnight... And I remember so clearly the time when he had to hide behind my skirt for the first few minutes of arriving somewhere... Amazing. How did that happen?