Thursday, July 01, 2010

In my garden again......

Have you ever wondered why some roses have so many many petals squashed in there, just waiting to unfold? And yet others have just a few? What was God thinking?

And have you ever wondered what he was thinking when he crafted the delicate fuschia blossom, which bursts out of that little pod thingy?

I think He was grinning as He planned the surprise.....
And why He gave these pinks the most heavenly scent and why He decided that some flowers are annuals - flowering once only and yet others like the pinks keep multiplying and coming up every year?
Or why some Calendula are yellow, some cream and some orange?

And WHY does the courgette plant (Zucchini) have to grow so enormous and take over half the garden, yet produce such small fruits? And as for those hideous prickly leaves which go blotchy.....
Once upon a time, I did colour co-ordinated gardens. (And Christmas trees.) Now I go for every colour under the sun - a rainbow of colours. You name it and it is in there somewhere. The brighter the better. There are 26 rose bushes in the back garden, and they come in every colour. One deep red one has about 60 buds on as I speak. And the lilies are about to burst open too. There must be about 10 different kinds in the beds.

You see, I had a thought last year (a lightbulb moment) - who was I to decide to only select some colours for my garden? As someone who has taught the colour wheel to many little darlings, and how to make colours by mixing others together and which colours go best with other colours blah blah blah........ I had this vision of God with a colour wheel in one hand, trying to decide the correct way to do things.

I think not.

I don't think he flipped through colour charts and decided which colours would look best together. I think He played. Had fun. Experimented. There were no rules, because He was being creative, wasn't He. On a grand scale, of course. He most certainly didn't create paradise using a palette of pink and purple through blue. Of this I am absolutely certain.

I suspect He grinned and thought - I am sure Linds will never expect red and purple to burst out of that white pod. Or - she will not stop grinning when she sees the way the white tulip goes purple over the weeks it blooms. Not so boring after all.

I think He had fun. Master artist at work, blending and experimenting and adding perfumes to the mix. He played.

And I am too, in my garden. It makes me grin.


Nedine Says said...

The first photo, the rose, looks just like a party dress...gorgeous !

Needled Mom said...

I agree - the more color, the better it is. If God made them in such an array of color, who are we to decide that only certain ones go together???? I love to see all sorts of colors in my garden. Your flowers are all so lovely this year.

Laurie in Ca. said...

I agree with you. God did have fun creating and giving us such a variety of things to never let us get bored. All my fuschias turn into trees, up to six feet because of all the shade in my yard. God is good and has given us gardens full of color and peaceful beauty. Keep grinning Linds, He is full of surprises:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Crystal said...

More wonderful thoughts recorded eloquently! I love them and your beautiful garden. Happy Canada Day!!

Vee said...

Oh I love this. And especially since I can't help but select the most unusual color combinations. I couldn't coordinate a room to save my soul. Lovely pics, Linds, thank you for sharing your garden with us in pics and word pics, too.

Dawn said...

I think God had a wonderful time creating beautiful and wonderful things - and he definitely had a sense of beauty and a sense of humor - can anyone say platypus??

I only have one rose bush because of our shady yard (which I would not trade), but I do love it. The summer flowers are starting to take off.

Lovely post, as usual!