Sunday, October 31, 2010

An autumn weekend.....

Well hello, from Middle England on a grey and decidedly damp Sunday morning. The clocks went back last night, so I am a trifle discombobulated. I HATE clocks going back. I want to stay on summer time all year round. The thought of dark afternoons just does not work for me. But there you go. I cannot stop time. But the powers that be can it seems. And reverse it too.

Before I ramble on, please pop over to Notes from the Frugal Trenches and think about whether or not you could help with leggings and sweaters for babies this Christmas. Make, buy - whatever. And a toy too. How simple is that. And what a difference we could all make. Little steps, people, but together, giant strides.

So, what have you all been up to this weekend? It was lovely weather yesterday morning, so my stick and I poddled off along the road to the next village with my camera, to take more photos of the trees in their Autumnal Glory. Beautiful. And a great deal colder than I thought when I set off. By the time I got home, I was all red and blotchy in a highly attractive fashion from the cold. It took some time to thaw.

(The little cradle is finished. The stickers are the room decor type which you can remove and change. But they looked cute. I hope Missy likes playing with it when she comes to visit her Moregranny.)

Back to yesterday.....
And then I went to look at the garden, and 3 hours later crawled back inside. Hacking, heaving, filling bags of leaves, emptying growbags, yanking. Did I overdo it? What do you think? So I washed my hands, surveyed the wrecked nail varnish ( I didn't pause to look for the gardening gloves) and retired to the couch where I fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Waking now and then to crochet a stitch or two.

The curtains. In place. And you know what - I am really happy they are up. Until a few weeks ago, our garden has been completely private, and I have never bothered with curtains, because I love light, and don't like closed curtains. Actually - I love the illusion of space, I think. I never draw the curtains in my bedroom either. Yes, I know about losing heat, but I LIKE open spaces and light etc etc etc! The yellow dangly things are for summer - to keep the flies out. I just pull it over the open door and wildlife thinks twice before attempting entry. I have to say that the kitchen is warmer with the curtains up and closed in the evenings. So it is all good.

I forgot to mention that a parcel arrived at the crack of dawn yesterday. Well, I was still in bed, and we will not discuss the fact that it was 9am at this point. Anyway, I managed to get to the front door. My friend, Cheryl had been to the States to visit her sister, and she brought home some bits for me. Just look at it all!! I am eating peanut butter M&Ms as I speak. Divine. And I had never seen the Southern Living magazine so many of you talk about, so that was lovely too. Sigh. Such a surprise, and such fun!

That is all for now, my friends. Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you may be!


Crystal said...

You are lucky to still have beautiful leaves on the trees - ours are so bare! And we switch our clocks back next Sunday and I too dislike early evenings :( Love your treats - M & M's are my favourite. Do you not have corn syrup in the UK? Enjoy the magazines, especially after your busy day yesterday. And the cradle - so sweet, especially with that lovely crocheted blanket. Missy will love it, I'm sure. I'm off to teach Sunday School, carve pumpkins and hang out with Meadow and Blake and their other family later today. ((( HUGS )))

P.S. Check my blog later today to see what I sewed last night - I had fun and love the product!

Vee said...

We are all three of us laughing at your delight in candy from the U.S. Fun! I would not describe it as divine...I'd describe something I'd get from England as that. :D

Oh lovely curtains and I'm glad that it makes for a warmer spot in the kitchen during the now longer evenings.

Double Oh...Missy is going to adore the doll cradle. How cute it turned out and you've made the linens and afghan. You know what little girls love!

Have a happy day...

Lisa Marie said...

The cradle is so sweet! I'm sure it will get a lot of use when Missy comes to visit. You did a great job on it

Yen said...

Hi, I found you through FrugalTrenches' comments section. I hope you don't mind me following you, the pictures are so lovely. The leaves futher south are lasting longer than up here in the north west.
Did you make the lovely cradle yourself? it's adorable.

Dawn said...

The cradle is so cute. She'll love it. I need to bring up the one DC made for Kristen so many years ago - wish I had more room for all the toys in this house.

The leaves are lovely - our yard is out of beauty officially - but there's still quite a bit to be seen around town.

Have a good week!

Christy B said...

The trees are just stunning. I spent a year in Nottingham and we went on a lot of rambles. Your pictures made me miss it.

The cradle is beautiful!

I have to rapidly leave your blog, because you are giving me chocolate cravings! ;)

God's blessings.

Becky said...

Such a delightful post to read. Your leaves are absolutely gorgeous!

What little girl could reject a cradle like that??? It turned out so cute.