Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hibernation time......

Well, just about every post I write seems to start with the speed of time. The fact that it is flying by. And where have the days, weeks, months gone..... I am not the only one seems that those of us slightly older than 25 all feel the same. Maybe my mother and grandmother were right after all. Time flies by as we get older. Or maybe we just notice it now.

So now that we have got that out of the way, where have I been and what am I doing......

I am not lolling about on the couch eating bonbons being fanned by a slave, you will be disappointed to hear. No. I have been living my life. In real time. Living as in managing to sort a few cupboards, start putting the garden to bed, making bread now and then, firing up the crockpot, making more recession heaters. (Well, I found the gigantic sack of rice I bought for the first lot in one of those cupboards and thought I would make some more.)

Playing with the embroidery machine, making Christmas lists, making an autumn quilt from the Biggest Stash of Fabric in the Northern Hemisphere. And making up a Christmas quilt. See above re stash. I could make 497865. At least.

I don't know what it is about hibernating weather, but I suddenly have the urge to be creative. If you could see my list, you would be mightily impressed. The fact that it is unlikely to get done is irrelevant. Stuff to make. Dreams of stuff to make. I swear I do not need to leave the house for 5 years to get anything crafty. It is already in residence, and occupying a great deal of space, so the sooner I start getting it out and using it the better.

There has been plenty of tossing out going on as well. And hopefully I will soon be able to move my computer corner into another room and have a study, in which there will be books and papers and that sort of stuff, so I can get them out of my sewing room, and have more space on the shelves for that crafty stuff. Stuff. So much stuff. I found boxes of it in the attic. You have no idea how many more boxes I still have to sort through. Sigh.

And I want to make some wooden things again. My scrollsaw is calling. I have ideas.

Add in a workshop on mindfulness I went to on Saturday, coffee with friends, a trip to Ikea, and curtains to shorten now that my neighbours can see straight into my kitchen/family room..... Autumn photos I wanted to take before the rain came yesterday, and the bright sunny ripple blanket in the basket next to my couch. There is something strangely hypnotic in the rhythm of the stitches my fingers work as I sit there under my fleece in the evenings crocheting. The rhymn. Love it.

So that is what is happening here. The crockpot is bubbling away, and I have a wallhanging and quilt to pin. Lots of hand quilting to do in the evenings too now. Books to read. I have the new Max Lucado book on the couch but have yet to start reading it. I sit and work with my hands, and drop off to sleep now and then, while I watch - or listen to - some tv.

Hibernating time.

I feel like cooking. I feel like baking. I feel like making. I love how my home is all autumnal and cosy. It is a feeling of contentment.

I like it.
(Please note the new glasses. The ones which actually enable me to SEE!)


Jane said...

Definitely the time of year for doing things - I've been sorting out too. Like you, I could go on for some time without needing to visit a craft shop!

Needled Mom said...

Yes, it is that time of the year. I wonder why it is that the time seems to go by so much more quickly nowadays.

With the tortoises asleep and the cool weather, I had a hibernating conversation with my 12 year old grandson on Sunday. I said that I feel like it would be a good idea to try it once and he said, "But Grandma, just think of all you would have to catch up on in the spring." Soooo true!

I hope you will share all of your wonderful projects with us as you tick them off the list.

The autumn leaves are just gorgeous. Isn't it a beautiful time of the year?

Vee said...

I think that my blood pressure drops (a good thing) when reading posts like this. My grin is back on and I'm imagining you busily at work in your cozy home as if you were some character in a novel. Love the new glasses! So glad that you can see again... It certainly makes the doing of all you are doing much easier and probably makes you feel like tackling this or that thing.

someone else said...

I find myself wanting to stay inside, too, just doing whatever comes randomly to mind. It's definitely the season for it.

Your autumn leaf photos are so very pretty!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

What an adorable picture of you, Linds! Love it and your new glasses!

I have also been nesting again trying out new recipes, starting my Christmas "To Make" list, pulling out my lap quilt I use to cover my feet when I am at my computer. I used to think autumn was only a short step to the cold of winter but am starting to enjoy it of itself!

Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful gold leaves too!

Fran Hill said...

Cool specs. When do you have time to actually put them on and take them off?

Anonymous said...

Vicky/East Texas...Love the glasses. Your post is positively inspiring, homey, and cozy. I love fall and the crisp air and the change in the weather from the oppressive heat. I feel as if a ton of weight is lifted from me and from my brain. I feel creative in my home. I feel relieved. I feel happy. I love the glasses. You look positively happy and are beaming in your foto. Take care and have fun!

Janine said...

New glasses look great! I tackled my sewing room a few weeks ago (haven't finished yet) and got rid of a ton of material. Luckily there is a place nearby which teaches unemployed women to sew and they are always happy to take donations. I still have a vast amount though!

Dawn said...

Love the new glasses! Love the autumn leaves and blue sky - stunning!