Friday, October 15, 2010

Not a stellar day......

A brief word before I retreat to the couch for the second day running with my recession heaters and fleece blanket.....

I don't know what I have done to my leg, but believe me, if that wretched medical assessment person could see me now, things would be very different. I am perfecting my aged crone look, and even getting out of bed involved much wriggling round on my stomach to roll off the end of the bed on the good leg, avoiding the bad one, which for now seems to hurt from hip to toe. Getting up the stairs involves hands and feet. And time.

Yesterday, I had a cunning plan to ease the pain by re-doing my exercises. To oil the creaks, you see. Hah. Possibly the worst idea in living memory. It involved much muttering as I tried to get back inside the house from my step in the garden where doing the exercises seemed a good place to be. And don't tell me my grammar is up the creek. I know that.

Once I reached the couch with a tray of vital essentials, I flopped and immediately fell asleep. 7 hours later, I woke. Rinse and repeat. I do believe I will be doing the same today.

Once I get moving, which takes a while, let me tell you, I can cope. But the getting moving bit is a real problem. I went out with Glynis the morning to order her new carpets, and so help me, I was a wreck getting in and out of the car.

Aiyaiyai. This does not suit at all. Add to this the fact that at my advanced age, one needs to retain the ability to leap to one's feet and head for the bathroom at speed when nature calls and you will see that I have a slight problem. Leaping to one's feet is not remotely possible.


I can't be doing with any of this. Oh, I had a response from the PM's office. He is sorry to hear about the drama, and has forwarded my letter to 2 government departments. Gee thanks. I have no desire for more officials to mess things up further. Oh well. LIFE IS JUST PEACHY.

That is all.


Becky said...

My recommendation to you is this:

1. make a much shorter daily "to-do" list
2. take better care of yourself
3. have a loooong hot bathtub soak, preferably with a good book, but with an alarm set so you don't fall asleep in there and drown the book (or yourself)
4. don't re-injure yourself, because I'm coming in the spring and you need to be mobile


Needled Mom said...

Just a little catch up after being away for the week.... I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. I have chuckled at the "witch who never leaves her house" and felt the pains of your exercise attempts. As well, I have pondered middle age and figured that I, too, must be past that age in years, but not in mind.

While at the airport yesterday I read that snow could actually fall in England already. I thought about you. Brrr.

Chris said...

" needs to retain the ability to leap to one's feet and head for the bathroom at speed..."

OH. MY. WORD. You shouldn't do things like this to me while I read in the office! I was in TEARS due to laughter!

And I SO relate!!!

Midlife Mom said...

I too can relate to 'when nature calls'. Have had moments when I didn't think I was going to make it and of course my grand kids will never get over the fact that I peed in the big inner tube thing that we haul behind the boat when we went over a big bump! HA! I'm sure they will need therapy at some point due to that incident.....

I do hope your pain lessens soon, constant pain is hard to deal with. Keep bugging the powers that be until you get some help!!!!

Kelli said...

Oh, how I get your wriggling and fussing to get out of bed or the car. Ain't we a grand pair?

Praying for your pain to go away, dear, dear friend.

Vee said...

Have you considered relocating bedroom or just the bed to the first floor? (Not you! Your handy son/s) We are currently thinking of it. Cars. They just are too small and that's all there is to it. They are impossible for tall people, injured people, and the elderly. Car design...we could go into that at length. And no danged handles to grab to haul oneself about either. Okay, don't get me started because I'm already on red alert. Hugs, my friend. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this.

Barbara said...

Sounds like a very difficult time Linds. Especially the moving off the couch quick!!
Maybe 7 hours sleep is a compensation. I would be over the moon to get that at night. Trusting this phase will be over quickly.