Friday, October 01, 2010

What I have been doing here........

How can it be Friday already? I have no idea. There has not been a lot of reading going on here. In fact there has not been a lot of computer time at all. There has been a great deal of "doing" though, and that is probably why I fell asleep at 8pm on the couch and woke at 2am this morning. I am not firing on all cylinders today.

My friends and I have had a few days of attempting to decide on the arrangement of furniture in my living room. Life is really exciting when one contemplates moving stuff, you know. Anyway, I told the aerial man that I wanted the aerial on the opposite side of the room to where it is at the moment. Then we decided to check out what the room would look like. I could not make it work. At all. This involved international collaboration, ie photos sent to my sister, who agreed that it all looked wrong - in fact, terrible - and PUT IT BACK IMMEDIATELY.


That brought with it more problems. The whole house had to be moved about. Moving the cupboard with all the hifi equipment in, meant emptying it, because it weighed more than a herd of elephants. And so Jean's car was filled with old LPs, tape, videos and the like. Just so it could be moved. What on earth have I been keeping all that stuff for? I have no idea.

Then I decided to paint a little table the TV will go on in the kitchen. The paint took forever to dry. And I decided that while the paint was out, we may as well do the toy box, and the screen. What can I say - I have a type A personality. The paint wouldn't dry fast enough. It is still tacky as I speak and the aerial man is in the loft. So the 3 painted items of furniture are on sheets in my kitchen. You can't see a work surface for all the stuff piled everywhere. I have a headache just looking at it all.

And the chaos spreads through the house. Every room is a disaster, so he can reach the corners and put in the cables. Stuff everywhere. Did I mention that my head hurts?? I had to empty the cupboards in my bedroom for the cable to come through them too. It was like entering an abyss. More stuff out the door into the charity shops or bins. And more boxes out of the attic to be gone through and sorted. Do not ask how many more there are up there. I don't want to know. But it doesn't look as though I have made a start yet. That says it all.

Getting back to that screen..... it is like 2 doors hinged together, solid at the bottom, and very small trellis at the top.


So I painted it with a small roller. Easy to do when sitting. And the trellis part looked hideous, so I started painting all the insides of the little holes - 4 sides of them x a zillion, and after 3 inches, and bear in mind the trellis part was at least a metre (39 inches) high x 2, my arm was falling off, and the temper was rising, and the hair was sticking to the paint as I leaned close enough to see what I was doing, with the glasses falling off the nose. I gave up, tossed the 2 wrecked little paintbrushes into the rubbish and went and bought spray paint. One of life's little miracles. Spray paint.

Only it is now raining and the wind is blowing, and I can't do it inside and.........

So that is where I have been. What I have been doing. Or helping with. Or watching. And my head hurts.

I have also discovered why my bedroom is always dusty, no matter what I do. There is a gap from the attic floor(fibreglass insulation) into my cupboard. All that dust...... But convenient for aerial man to post cables through, of course. Once he is gone, I will plug that hole. Bubble wrap should do just fine. And hopefully the Mystery Of The Dust will be solved forever.

And then I have to put everything back where it was. Oh good grief. I need a darkened room, cold compress and a nap. And I just looked out at the garden which needs urgent attention, and the thought that I should be pacing myself leaped into my mind. Why is it that so much needs doing at the same time? The change of seasons - that could be it. Huge squirrels are racing along the top of my fence outside, carrying nuts to store for winter.

I have rambled on enough for now. I hope you are all having lovely peaceful Fridays, people.


Dawn said...

Oh, Linda, I just got up (6 am) and now I am exhausted from reading of your week! How are you doing all of this stuff?? Pace yourself, my dear!

I have much to do today to prepare for our flight to Boston tomorrow,then up to Maine to see Kev. The forecast for rain is distressing, to say the least. I hope God cares that we want sunny weather! He is the God of miracles, right??

Try to have a restful week-end!

Vee said...

How can you write so charmingly and amusingly when you are describing the hazards of your life just now and when I KNOW that your head is aching? May it all come out just right...somehow...

Needled Mom said...

Just catching up after being gone for a week.

I am exhausted just thinking about all that is going on in your house. Oh my! Won't it be nice when it is all finished? I am also glad that you found the source of the dust too.

Your little painted cradle is absolutely adorable. A nice little quilt will finish it off!!!

Your wedding gown is stunning! I love the train. I do hope that the stains come out.

Fran said...

I'm tired now. And feeling lazy, compared to you!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

I'm thinking a slumber party is in order because now I'm tired too! Just say when....(and I am quite certain it will look fabulous when you get done)!