Monday, April 11, 2011

Apple blossom time....

My apple tree, which was pruned for the first time in its life, is blossoming. There is also a wild wind blowing, so I was out there taking photos of the blossom. Just in case. And as my house is upside down right now and offending me greatly, the apple blossom distracts me. This is good. A friend is painting my old kitchen which has been a "nothing" room, and which will be a study in the near future. Well, I say painting. Perfectionist is an understatement, and I gather today was the "preparation" day. Tomorrow will be the "filling in holes and generally sanding and other fancy stuff" day, and then the next day could well be painting. Me??? I would have slapped a coat or 2 of white paint on and called it good. When it comes to painting, I am clearly not a perfectionist.

You see, I know what is going to happen. The new study will look sparkly and beautiful, and the entire house will look like a dump in comparison. The last time I decided to paint a wall upstairs, it became the entire house before I knew what was happening and I was wielding the rollers and paintbrushes myself. I was on a mission and it took forever. That was a while ago. All I will add at this point is that Geoff was alive. And it is nearly 5 years since he died, and I know people who have redecorated 3 times since then.

This time, there is only one colour I am prepared to consider. In fact, I will not even look at paint charts or go near the shop. White. This house will be white. Then it will be bright and clean and sparkly, and it will be cheap to touch up. Not that I am given to touching up stuff. No. I go for the full paint job when it becomes a necessity. And seeing that I am going to be visiting Ikea for some new bookcases in the near future, they will need a clean wall to lean on, won't they.

I need to get out more. I have just given bookcases personalities. Sigh. So that is the story round here. You can use your imagination re where all the stuff from the room-to-be-painted is now. And coming neatly round in a full circle, isn't my apple blossom pretty??


Vee said...

I feel the same way about painting. I don't like it. Don't do well with it. And can live a long time with a shabby paint job and have.

And it is for the reason that you state...everything gets upended. I am still putting the hosue back together from hauling in the new mattress. All day I've been at it. Everything needed dusting and cleaning and I decided to reorganize and it's all a fiddleflipping mess. I did, however, find some paint charts. They are not white paint charts; they are yellow and beige paint charts.

Still, you have it all over me for your apple trees are in blossom. My apple trees, no, I don't actually have any apple trees, though that can't be the point, are still shivering in the orchard.

Go sniff an apple blossom for me and wish me well. It's going to be a long week of rain every day and so I'll need cheering.

"Swiss" is my word verification. Thought you should know lest you've not thought of the Swiss in over an hour. ☺

Anonymous said...

You'll just have to focus on the gorgeous apple blossom for the next few days!

I hate decorating too but I have a little tip;

If, after a few years you call it "shabby chic", you can get at least another year out of it!

Isabelle said...

Yes, I've tended to go for white recently. Saves decisions!

Crystal said...

I am envious of the wonderful blossoms you are enjoying already! I brought in some apple branches that I trimmed off the tree and I am forcing them to get leaves in time for Easter. The snowbanks are melting - I was actually able to walk to the compost pile today without my boots! I have a half painted project in our house that I really need to get busy on. Good luck with your project - it will be so worth it when it's finished. Take care!

Olson Family said...

Hi - catching up again and 1) I'm so glad God sent angels to watch over us and you're OK 2) love all the Springtime photo's 3) love your reflections on being a mother 4) you do NOT appear to be a Grandma according to the book :) and 5) I have the same problem with Blogger and the paragraphs but not all the time "?" and it's been like that for several years.

Happy Tuesday to you!

Jane said...

Know exactly what you mean - I've just painted my study and now I know I need to do about four other rooms. Unfortunately, this means endless consultation about colour and by the time we've decided I probably won't feel like painting!
Apple blossom is beautiful.

Edith said...

The apple blossom is beautiful. I miss my fruit trees from the old house...but the daffodils are blooming. And Painting...ugh. It ranks right there with sorting through piles to find an important paper...which is not being found.