Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pottering about........

All it takes is a couple of days away from the computer and I have a borderline panic attack when I see all the unread posts lined up. I will get round to visiting, I promise, but for now, the list stays there. I am  pretending it does not exist in an effort to stave off any pending panic whatsit. The Good Lord knows I can do without that.

What a beautiful weekend it has been here. Have you all had great weather? We have. Warm, sunny, blue skies and plants that are multiplying and growing before my eyes. Time to sit out in the gardens and chat to neighbours, and watch dogs play. Time to marvel at the wonders of Spring. Time to take the coffee and find the garden chair and sit under my apple tree - the blossoms have now opened completely. I need to go and check the lilac too. Maybe I can pick a couple of branches, and bring that glorious scent inside.

Time to re-pot tiny seedlings and plant some summer bulbs given to me by the lovely neighbour I was chatting to in the paragraph above. You will be delighted to hear that I have 49 EXTRA lettuce plants. That is after the 10 I am keeping for myself. FORTY NINE. This is the "cut and come again" variety, which lasts for ages, and you just pick the leaves you need and it keeps growing. I may have been a little heavy handed when scattering the seeds. The lobelia will be worse. Did I mention that, after planting half a packet, I read the info at the back of the packet (yes, I am intelligent, and yes, I KNOW I should have read it first) telling me that there were 2500 seeds in each packet? And I planted half? My potential lettuce glut pales into insignificance. If you live locally, let me know if you have yet to plant lettuce. Or lobelia, come to that. You will not need to do so.

Ah, Spring....... I do love Spring.

What I absolutely do NOT like is the reappearance of a MOUSE in my garden this afternoon. A rodent. It looked larger than tiny. I will not have rodents on the premises. There will be some industrial action taken in the morning, which will involve the equivalent of at*mic b*mb strength rodent dispatcher. Or twenty. Whatever it takes. Let the battle commence. This time, I intend winning.

So, tomorrow, the painting resumes, I think, and the quest to eradicate rodents begins. Saturday was beautiful too, and Jean, David and I were down at the allotment early and the potatoes, carrots, celeriac and turnips are planted. The seedlings I have growing on my window sill will go in later. Having a large extremely strong son around made the planting go in a flash. I tell you, an hour in the sun and we were wilting, even with many stops for lemonade and Jean's cheese scones. I must remember to take a large sun umbrella down next time.

I love weekends like this. No great news, just pottering about, but loving having my hands in the potting soil, and growing things. Simple things. They make me smile.


Meggie said...

Dear Linds, your weekend sounds wonderful. I do miss the days I had to spend in our gardens in the cool of Christchurch~ the wonderful roses we had, and the even more wonderful riot of bulbs which I planted. I did so love the soil, and growth. Alas, all I seem able to grow here in Oz are weeds and yet further weeds. I do have some herbs, however, and our son is doing a tidy-up of the garden... I am not sure I 'love it' but beggars can't be choosers, as my Mother used to say!!

Linda said...

My weekend was much like yours Linds - just lovely.
I know about the posts....but I am trying so hard for balance:-)

Dawn said...

I only get a post written about once a week, which is when I discover how far behind I am. I always like to read everything you write, and am glad you aren't writing every day right now! ;o)

I love spring, too, but we don't seem to get much of it here - we have had about one nice day a week, the rest being gray or sunny and windy. I'm very tired of wind!

But the flowers and birds are happy with it all.

Janine said...

You do make me laugh! "I will not have rodents on the premises" - pure Hycinth Bucket.

Midlife Mom said...

Is pottering the same as what we call puttering? I am always puttering around the house and the yard so I suppose both terms are the same. :o)

Reading about your plants, apple blossoms, lilac, veggies just makes me so anxious to get my hands in the soil and doing some planting. It's still way too cold here, we are having sleet and hail here today which cut my walk short as I didn't like being pelted with ice!

I found a dead rodent in my laundry room yesterday thanks to one of my cats! YUCK!!!! I got him out of there but now need Dad to help me move the washer so that I can disinfect!!!! Again, YUCK!!!

Yes, I have way too many vases and such but just can't get rid of them as I use them all summer to put flowers in from my gardens. I am trying to declutter and have managed to get rid of some things but there is a lot more to go. I also have a basement and an attic and a barn to put stuff,,,,,,,the more room you have the more you accumulate I think!!!!

Enjoy the sunshine, I will be thinking of you as I sweep the hail off my porch! ha!

Pam said...

I'm with you on the decluttering. It's easy in theory...

One day, life will be simple. Possibly.

I think of you every time I see your lovely patchwork quilt!

Pam said...

.. or rather MY lovely patchwork quilt!