Friday, April 01, 2011

How can it be April already?

HAH! The weather gurus announced that it would be approaching 20C today. So I barreled out the door to work in the garden, and straight back in again to find a hot drink and a blanket. It might have been 20C in their offices, but not in my garden.

Last night, I managed to knock the little light I work under - one of those ones which has a swivel head which you can use to actually see words on a page or the crochet stitches - and it broke the bulb. So this morning's quest was to undo the contraption, and go forth and find a replacement bulb. And in the process of trying to put it back together, I found out what I should not have done in the first place, and now have a wonky light. Oh well. It shines, so I can see what I am doing. I like to share the inconsequential here, you know.

David has a birthday this Sunday, so another new thing for me today was to attempt a supermarket on-line order for him. He needs a birthday cake, after all. Mothers provide birthday cakes, come what may.


All I can say is that it would have been quicker to get in the car and drive there and do the shopping and drop it off and I would have been halfway home given the time it took for me to work out how to do it, register, sort the order, choose another shop when I saw the delivery charge, register etc etc etc, go back to the first shop when I saw the minimum order at the second shop and start all over again. I nearly had it all delivered here by mistake too.

We will find out if I got it right on Sunday morning. There is a lot to be said for going shopping in person, you know. You go in, get the stuff, pay and depart. Simple.

However, I may well get used to it and become a great fan. You never know. (And pigs may well fly.....)

Can you believe that it is April already? April? How did that happen? Before we know it the year will be half gone. I think I need some hot cross buns. That movie I love? It was called Love Comes Softly and was on 5USA here, for my English friends. It was just a lovely, warm, gentle movie and I loved it. There is apparently a lot more to it than one movie. I hear that there are books, and also a good few TV series, but they are all Region One, according to Amazon, so that is a little irritating. But it was the sort of movie you can wiggle into a chair and sigh over. Just what I needed.

I am obsessing about the hot cross buns now. I may have to go and buy some.

PS I cannot TELL you how annoying I am finding the paragraph issue. If I write the post in the "edit html" tab it keeps paragraphs. If I write it in the "compose" tab it does not. Screech. Does anyone else have the same problem? Am I doing something stupid here? I am off to the shop......


Vee said...

It is absolutely nothing that you are doing. Blogger is being a bugger and if it's not formatting, it's uploading picture or not allowing said pictures to enlarge.

What is it about mothers and birthday cakes? You are so right. Mothers must provide birthday cakes. Of course, my daughter-in-law did take over for my son once we got past that first year when two were present.

Love Comes Softly...that sounds familiar...must check it out. If I'm remembering correctly, it started well and ended a bit insipidly. Not that I'm refuting your critique...just wondering if I'm correct. Sort of like all those Christians writing Christian novels...everything's going swimmingly as far as excitement, etc., until the couple is wed and then it's dullsville.

Why do I carry on in here like this? Is it because I feel comfortable enough to do so? LOL. Kick me out. Oh, if you get hot cross buns, invite me back.

Linds said...

You carry on any way you like, Vee! And of course you can share the hot cross buns. I just saw the movie. That was lovely. I have no idea about any of the rest, but the movie was exactly what I needed yesterday, so that is all I can vouch for. Wagon heading west, man dies, woman marries widower, battles with stepchild, snow and baby, heads back east for all of 5 mins, and man rides off after her on horse. The end. It made me smile!

Anne said...

I was just thinking to myself,"when will I learn NEVER to take any notice of the weather forecast"!

Although it's generally better than usual weather, we don't seem to be able to get "warm" without something to go with it, like "wind" or "rain"! In our case both and come to think about it, it wasn't really that warm anyway!!

The Bookworm said...

For the last two or three days the weatherman, or my dh (under the influence of the weatherman), have been telling me it would be nice and even warmish weather. Yesterday the wind nearly blew me over - literally - and today I wrapped up in winter coat and scarf for the two minute walk to collect Cherub from school. Think I shall hide under the duvet for a month and hope it is warmer when I come out.

Crystal said...

The birthday cake episode sounds like something I would do! I've had cookies delivered to our son's office a time or two - and the delivery charges are crazy! I love hearing about your daily escapades, my friend! I hope the sun comes out and it warms up to 20 tomorrow. We are at a balmy +9 today with bright sunshine and melting snowbanks :)

Gillie said...

I'm wondering how long it will be before I know whether 20c is hot,warmish or b*****?freezing - I went to buy a bed today and the nice man in the shop proudly told me it had 7cm of memory foam - he had to show me on a ruler that was 3 inches, well, I think it was! I can do kilos versus pounds and litres too just not hot and cold and metres should have paid a LOT more attention in school!

Becky said...

I noticed the same thing with paragraphs when I was composing. I hit the 'enter' key twice to create a paragraph and nothing happened. However....I figured out that after doing that, if I continued typing, the type began where the paragraph should be. It was doing it, but not showing it in the normal way. Try it and see if that helps.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Oh how funny Linds - great minds think alike! About a month ago I finished a boxed set of the first 4 Love Comes Softly novels which I had bought very cheaply on Amazon. The first one was by far the best - as one of your comments above says, they did get a bit twee and insipid by the end, but sometimes it's nice to read something that is pleasant, not at all challenging and that you can get through quickly. I don't mind books like that sometimes - and I had bought them, so I was jolly well going to read them!

Meggie said...

I love reading your posts. I never find them inconsequential and enjoy the feelings of 'recognition'!!

Fran said...

I'm looking forward to my first hot-cross-bun moment too. I like the wholemeal ones - I know they're not pukka, but they're yummy and sink like lead.

Melissa said...

I find it so much easier just to get in the car and do the shopping.

And you're right: How did it get to be April? Time really is fleeting! We need to make the most of it--like eat hot cross buns!

Midlife Mom said...

That is a whole series by Janette Oke. I love the books and the movies that are on the Hallmark channel because they are all so clean. They do have excitement though and keep you on the edge of your seat and yes they were written by a Christian writer. Just a nice kind of movie to settle in with on a winter afternoon with a big bowl of popcorn!

I have never made hot cross buns, isn't that awful!? I have bought them at the bakery and they are to die for.

We got a ton of snow on April fools day, well 12 inches! It looks more like the middle of January here then April. I hope it goes quickly, I need to get out and get some exercise!!!!!!