Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have no idea where the week went.....

April in the UK is a strange month this year. School holidays end on Tuesday, when the children go back to school after Easter, and then they are just there for 3 days and Friday is a public holiday for the Royal Wedding, and the following Monday is a Bank Holiday as well. So technically, children will have been at school for I think 7 days in April. Many people are taking their holidays now too, as for just 3 days requested holiday time, you get 11 days with all the Bank Holidays.

What all that means is that the UK is sleepy, on holiday and the sun has been shining every day and the skies have been blue, and everyone is outside as much as they can be, because this could be summer. Talk is of potential water restrictions, because I can't remember when last we had rain. Gardens are growing by the hour, and I have rosebuds on some bushes already.

I have been asked if the nation is excited about the wedding. Well, I think most people will watch it, and some will have street parties, but I wouldn't say we were at fever pitch. Who knows - that may change by next week! William is a popular prince. So is Harry. They appear to be normal people, doing their jobs and going about their lives in a normal way, and this is great. Right now, I don't think the nation could cope with any airs of entitlement. It is too busy trying to survive. But I will be watching on Friday.

Holy Week is flying by. Jean and I spent 2 hours at our church's 24/7 vigil for the week. It was amazing. The chancel was turned into a prayer room, with areas for painting, writing, reading, drawing, music, clay, seed planting - so many things to do prayerfully, with lists of facts and suggested readings. Time just flew by. I am so glad I went. It was a wonderful experience in that lovely peaceful place. 

And today I have been trying to organise the house. Missy and her parents arrive in the morning, and furniture needed moving, toys needed to be found, paddling pools needed to be blown up..... and the house needed to be cleaned. I won't mention the gardening things which needed to be done too. Well, apart from saying that I bought another water butt for the garden, and it came as a complete kit. Hah. Without the tap. Totally useless when there was no way to stop any water pouring out of it. So back I went to the shop and they eventually found one for me. So that is now in place. I am trying to use grey water, so bath water etc is being emptied into the water butts. Recycling.

It won't be long before David is back at uni for the last time - his exams are in a few weeks. he is working hard, but appears when I need help with things, and when he needs food! It will be good to have both my boys here for a few days. I just wish Diana could be here too. There will be a big gap in the family this Easter.

So days have been very busy, and I am prpeared to confess that I have totally overdone things, so I fall asleep in the early evening, and then am awake from midnight till dawn. Or doze now and then. Not ideal. But the shopping for the weekend is done (I think) and I can relax and enjoy everyone being around.

After I have vacuumed the house and checked everything at dawn tomorrow. Sme things just don't change!


Vee said...

A busy, happy weekend for you ahead. The UK sounds idyllic just now in a lovely national holiday frame of mind with weather to match the spirits or perhaps it is the other way around. (I have decided that I shall not rise at 4 a.m. to watch the royal wedding. If I thought that I would be unable to see replays, I would.)

A blessed Easter weekend to you and yours.

Dawn said...

Is anyone upset about the horrific amount of money being spent on the wedding in this economy? And when they've lived together for so long? Just curious. The news overload has been a bit overwhelming around here.

Your weather has been much nicer than ours. We finally had a sunny day today - we get about one a week. Tonight it is thundering and lightning, which is highly unusual for Colorado. Nice for a change! April showers are really making the flowers happy.

Your week-end sounds wonderful. We will do our musical twice, and somuch practice has been done to memorize the music that other things have gone undone. I'm not sure what we'll do Sunday for sure. I know it'll just be us and Kristen's bunch. Wish Kev cold be here.

Sheila said...

Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family. Our daughter isn't able to be home for Easter either so I know how you feel. Sunshine always!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though England is putting it's best face on for all the media that is there for the wedding. It should be a fabulous affair - good weather or not!

You will have a wonderful visit with Missy and your family. I am sure that Diana would love to be there as much as you would love to have her there.

Rest up and enjoy being a granny. Happy Easter.

Linda said...

It sounds like a very good week Linds. We are in another drought and praying for rain here too, but the little antique rose bush is blooming with tiny pink roses, and I am happy!
I will probably get up early to watch the wedding, because I am still so much little girl - and what little girl doesn't love princes and princesses?
Have a blessed Easter Linds. I am so sorry your girl cannot be with you. I know how your heart misses her.

The Bookworm said...

Our schools have a training day of Tuesday, so the girls are only back for two days before they are off again. And eldest dd only has 11 days of "ordinary" school left before her GCSEs, and then a long break and sixth form.

No noticeable interest in the royal wedding here. Cherub's school are have a "wedding day" on Thursday (so only one day of ordinary school next week!), but apart from that I haven't heard anyone mention it. Th town's May Fayre on Monday week creates far more excitement.

Enjoy relaxing over Easter with your family. Note the word "relaxing" ;).