Monday, April 25, 2011

A wonderful Easter weekend.....

One of the great delights of blogging is getting to meet blogging friends in real life. Becky and I have known each other since 2006 via our blogs, and we have met in London before, but today was different. Today, she and her husband came to visit me here in the middle of England, and I was able to show them where I live, and the places (and some friends) I talk about. Well, I didn't "show" her my friends, I invited Peter and Glynis to meet us for lunch at our favourite local haunt, and lunch extended to a 3 hour delight. The conversation did not falter. Bloggers never run out of words, do they. There was a lot of laughter as well.

 One of the stops along the way was to explore the ancient church tower, and climbing a few steps up the tower ladder was mandatory.

 When I visit friends or family, one of the things I love to do is to see where they go - the shops, the places they stop for coffee. So we wandered around the village square which is not a square at all - more of a triangle - and they even got to visit the allotment. A must for any international visitor. Of course.
 I did offer to take them slightly further afield after lunch, but we decided to come home, and relax in the garden and continue the talking. I do believe we could chat for weeks without the vague chance of running out of things to discuss.

It was a lovely easy day, and everyone had a great time. This is one of the very best parts of blogging, as I said at the start of this post. It really is. I am still grinning. I just wish they could have stayed here longer. Next time.
 Missy and her Mum and Dad went home yesterday, after the Easter Egg Hunt and church and the Easter lunch. The Egg Hunt - well, it didn't take long for her to realise she was looking for chocolate, and she thoroughly enjoyed eating it too! The house was very quiet after they left..... I kind of got used to "HI" and little hands slapping down on the counter when I was preparing vegetables. Being tugged by the hand to go and watch her do things. She is constantly on the move, and is fascinated by the smallest of things. Like ants in the garden. Eating chives from the plant. Climbing stairs. Dancing round in circles. Wearing all my necklaces. Wanting make-up on in the mornings when she watched me do mine....... anti aging moisturiser looks wonderful on a 2 year old. She was thrilled. And her Moregranny rather wishes she had skin as soft as her granddaughter's.
Please note Dolly in her pushchair. I can't tell you how many times Dolly was wheeled around the place. In this photo, the garden was being watered. Dolly got to watch.

And now the countdown to Friday is on, and another long weekend. It will be slightly cooler this week, so I sincerely hope any rain is gone by the time of the wedding. The weather here has been just glorious, and it is such a delight to be outside as much as possible. Easter has been lovely. Busy. Noisy. Happy. Fun. A wonderful weekend.


Crystal said...

I was thinking that Becky should be getting close to visiting you!! So glad you had a great day together and I know she loved seeing your village and talking and talking and talking with you :)

Your Easter sounds like mine! Just grand! Multiply the activity by 4X and you can just imagine. They weren't here too long as Naomi and Maëlle needed to go home to rest. I forget that she's just 10 days old today! How wonderfully we are blessed these days!

Becky said...

Oh my, it was perfect in every way!!

Vee said...

It looks like a perfect weekend! I'm so glad that you had such a lovely visit. I remember the one in London was much too short. I see it was dueling cameras in that last shot. What a great idea for colorful mats down in the garden...keeps little knees from getting scraped.

It was just moments ago that I realized I must put away my Easter decorations. Are you turning your Easter tree into a spring tree? It's so pretty.

Happy countdown to the wedding. I can't imagine the hype there if it's anything like the hype here.

The Bookworm said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely Easter. We had an Easter egg hunt in which 56 eggs (little foil wrapped chocolate ones) were hidden for four girls of assorted sizes, but only 55 found. Wonder where I hid the other and when it will turn up?

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Fabulous week-end you had - and what fun for B&B. I found you through her, and am so glad I did.

Our Easter was wonderful, in a very different way than usual. We sang twice, wonderful music that we were required to memorize - hard, but so rewarding! And so joyous to sing for the two services. But all of us in the choir were pretty tired, so the 3 of us who usually get Easter dinner ready for all of us to get together decided to scale it down - sis had Mom and Dad over, SIL went to eat at the retirement home with her mom, and we took K and the kiddoes out to a very fast eating place, but good. It was nice to go home, put up my feet, and relax the rest of the dreary, rainy day. The sun came out just long enough for the girls to hunt eggs in the very cool back yard.

Needled Mom said...

Meeting fellow bloggers is definitely one of the perks of blogging. It looks like you had a lot of fun meeting in person.

Missy looks as though she really got into Easter egg hunting. I love her beautiful locks of curls. Glad that dolly got to watch the watering.

Now for the big week ahead for Britain. I am sure the wedding will be gorgeous - rain or shine!

Sandra said...

Awww lucky you and lucky Becky getting to meet each other, how fun :)