Saturday, October 01, 2011

31 Days of Memories

My marvellous son made this for me. The Nester is hosting the 31 day challenge to blog on the same subject for 31 days. Challenge accepted.

Day 1 - Beach days and sun
Day 2 - Balloons
Day 3 - From cakes to fathers to ships
Day 4 - Friends
Day 5 - Back to school
Day 6 - A list
Day 7 - Hair
Day 8 - Entertaining
Day 9 - A little more entertainment
Day 10 - Floods
Day 11 - Making gifts
Day 12 - music and camps and childhood fun
Day 13 - finding out about a surprise baby long ago
Day 14 - A special young friend
Day 15 - Insurance
Day 16 - World Food Day (not memories, but about today)
Day 17 - Seasons, different hemispheres, droughts and Devon
Day 18 - A Day beside a stream dreaming
Day 19 - Windsor Castle and Granny
Day 20 - More about Granny
Day 21 - Simple things
Day 22 - Dancing
Day 23 - (a rant) and a little more about Granny
Day 24 - Chatter and a couple of maritime memories
Day 25 - Camping days
Day 26 - Student jobs back then
Day 27 - Big Walks
Day 28 - Prattle and country parks
Day 29 - Arabella and a mishap
Day 30 - Food we used to cook
Day 31 - Memories..........


Vee said...

Oh, you're participating by actually doing something! ☺ What a concept. I'm participating by reading and that's about all that I can muster. My portal will be through The Inspired Room, but I have my own portal here and I definitely will be reading along.

Linds said...

Well, now that the son has posted the button and the link is up, I HAVE TO!!! Actually, I am looking forward to it all. Ask me in 31 days, though.....

Becky said...

I'll be looking forward to reading what you write. Interesting challenge.

Linds said...

I chose Memories - everyone seems to have a different topic, which is wonderful - so much to read!

Edith said...

Good for you. Will look forward to reading your memories.