Saturday, October 08, 2011

Memories - entertaining.....

Another - yes, yet another - pile of papers thudded through the letter box this morning from the lawyers. Get quotes from gardeners, decorators, sign this, read that. Hah. It can wait till next week. Brain overload. And England is out of the World Cup (rugby) after a dire performance this morning. The skies are grey and the wind is chilly. My leg hurts and so does my head. And don't forget my ex-camera.

Have I painted a picture well enough for you to see the mood? Gloom. Grey.

However, I have coffee and I have baked 2 apfelkuchen (apple cakes) and a cinnamon cake. David wanted to bake the cinnamon cake, but did not emerge till just before the allotment clear up began, and then decided he needed to flop, poor thing, so I baked it. All that digging, clearing, sawing, you see. We were all down there - Margaret and Derek and John, who share the allotment. It is too big for me to do alone now, and this way 3 families benefit. And David and me. I took the cool drink and biscuits to keep the rest moving, and fully intended sitting in the chair supervising, but ended up with a rake, collecting piles of leaves instead, to bag, so they can rot down over winter.

Memories today - well, while I was baking, I was thinking back to when I was young, and had 2 little children, and how I loved to bake and entertain. Back then, on a Saturday night, my friends often called to see if we were home, and then popped round with whatever they were having for supper, so we combined all the food, and had great times together. The children had a ball and we loved getting together informally. In the summer, it was always round the pool, maybe a BBQ.

I will take that a little further - I honestly thought that some of them had noses which could sense or smell when I was baking, because they all used to roll up and perch in my kitchen, sneak some cookie batter, or freshly baked biscuits. I used to carry on the baking, while they made coffee, and just chatted. I love the informality, you see That was a hard adjustment here - but I think I have trained my friends well. They do pop in unannounced. And I really don't mind at all. It is all about the people, and not the mess, because at times the house is chaotic, but I just ignore that, and so do they. I think. They keep coming back so it must be good. And they all know where the coffee stuff is too.

I also LOVED doing dinner parties back then. I loved making the table special too. Christmas was wonderful. Especially the one huge Christmas Eve do I had, with about 20 people. That was when I was cooking fancy turkey stuffed with duck, stuffed with chicken, stuffed with stuffing, and just as I served the starter, I realised that the oven had died. Well. I called Geoff and my father, who were sitting there at the table in dinner suits, out to the kitchen and told them we had a minor crisis. So there they were, running up and down the road to my parents' house, clutching turkey stuffed with get it.

I turned the plate in the microwave/convection heater over, and then stacked all the veg - the roast potatoes etc on top of each other, and wacked up the heat, completely ignoring the manufacturer's instructions. Emergencies require lateral thinking! Then wafted into the dining room to pour more wine, and inform the rest of the guests that the main course was a trifle delayed. Then retired to the kitchen to do as much as I could on the top of the stove.

Ah, memories. It all worked out brilliantly in the end, and even if the food was much later than anticipated.

And then there is the time I decided to have a brunch on Boxing Day. For 80 people, and only remember on Christmas Eve that all the shopping needed to be done by then, or we would have a disaster. I had a long trestle table in the dining room, with a watermelon bowl I carved, full of fruit salad, lots of roll, croissants, yogurt, cold meats and cheeses, and then, outside, I had 3 men on BBQs or the skottelbraai I talked about a few days ago - one cooking sausages, one doing bacon and onions,  and one cooking frankfurters stuffed with cheese and rolled in bacon. I was in the kitchen making scrambled eggs, and we wandered back and forth and cooked as required. It was amazing. Just a fabulous way to entertain, and relatively little could go wrong! And there were plenty of people to volunteer turns at cooking too. it was a beautiful hot summer day and we were all in bathing costumes with sarongs. Well, I was. And the women were. Not the men. People arrived round 10am, and didn't leave till midnight. It was a good day.

I have photos in the album - I must scan them into the computer too. One day. And Guy Fawkes. Well, I started a tradition of asking my friends to our house for fireworks. Everyone bought a packet of sparklers, R5.00 of fireworks (that was real money back then!) and a packet of sausages. So we had a BBQ first with sausages in rolls and salad, and then had the fireworks. Great fun. About 10 families would come,  that meant 40-50 people) and all the Dads would sort the fireworks while the Mums watched the children up on the patio, away from danger. So when I moved to the UK, that first Guy Fawkes night (5 November) , I had calls from SA asking what was happening for the fireworks. Hmmm. They had to organise themselves, and the tradition died out over the years. But it was wonderful while we were there.

Memories trigger more memories. they keep piling up, trying to burst out. I just wish I had all the photos here for you to share. Maybe I will get that done in the next few days. And what about the time I managed to glue a guest's teeth together.........


Vee said...

I hope that your memories have dispelled the gloom. They've made me laugh and grin throughout. You can't leave us with that final line and not finish that story. Good grief. What have you not done?

Anonymous said...

I'm so enjoying reading all your memories, they've made me smile, so I hope they've done the same for you too.

boysmum2 said...

I am currently watching the AB's play Argentina and they are doing just about as well as the English from yesterday. However at present they are leading 18 - 10 but it is like watching paint dry! Maybe I will glad when NZ gets back to normal and there is no more RWC to talk about! Have just come across your blog and have had fun spending the evening finding out all about you. Did you ever receive the Flat Princess and if so what happened to her, did you send her on, just one of the blogs that I follow that stopped suddenly last Oct. Look forward to catching up with you again.

Linds said...

Hi there boysmum2 - yes, I got the flat princess and posted here about her visit.
She flew back to the States, and then sort of had a rest ( my friend is battling kidney failure) before heading to Colorado and on with her travels!

The ABs sort of speeded up in the last quarter, didn't they - thank heavens. My daughter lives in Wellington! Thanks for popping in.

someone else said...

Glued teeth????? Do tell.