Thursday, October 06, 2011

Memories - a list..........

I should have left the fixing of the rails (see post below) and reclined on the couch instead. But I am a blogger, and so I did the rail (the door frame is not straight. In fact NOTHING in this house appears to be level - did they have spirit levels when they built it in the 70's????? They should have used them.) Where was I..... bloggers. Oh yes. Bloggers take photos of everything to post.


I got out my camera and took 2 photos of the new curtain in place. And then I dropped the camera on the tiled floor. And it is broken. I am in such a foul mood right now, I don't know whether to burst into tears or go and kick something.

And now, because I am in a Grumpy Old Woman mood, we will have a list of "I remember when" sort of things..... feel free to add any you think of as well.

I remember when:

  • People held doors open for each other
  • Children and men/boys stood up for women on trains and buses automatically
  • It didn't cost over £60 to fill my car with petrol
  • Nobody would dream of swearing in public
  • Politeness and respect were the norm
  • Life was lived at a slower pace
  • People smiled more
  • Discipline was not a problem in schools
  • Vegetables and fruit were seasonal - I loved waiting for the first oranges!
  • Stay at home Mums were in the majority
  • Boys did not wear jeans below their rear ends
  • Phones were attached to the wall, and definitely left there when you went out
  • The world was not open for business 24 hours a day
  • TV did not exist (South Africa only got it is the early 1970s)
  • Instamatic cameras were revolutionary
  • 99% of cakes were homemade
  • Good Friday was a public holiday
  • School sport was compulsory
  • The VHS/Beta debate
  • Black and white TV
  • Children stood up whenever an adult visitor entered the room (at home and at school)
  • Hanging up pillowcases (instead of stockings) on Christmas Eve until I was 20. Well, I hung it up and it got filled. Why would I stop? Unfortunately my husband did not feel it necessary to keep filling it. Sigh. 
  • Leaded petrol was the only kind on sale
  • And, while on the subject of petrol, I remember when you drew up into the petrol station, and someone came to fill the car, clean the windscreen and check the oil. WHERE ARE THEY NOW?????
  • My sister flushed a dissected frog (a Platanna)down the loo and it got stuck. But that is a story in itself.........


Becky said...

Oh yes, I remember the things on that list. They remind me how old I am.

I'm sooooo sorry about the camera.

Dawn said...

Oh, yes we are old and cranky about the appalling state of manners, etc, in this generation! I have to say, most of all, I am so so so sick of seeing young mens' underwear!!! And their bow-legged walk as they try to keep their pants from falling to their ankles.

Anonymous said...

I remember when babies were in "proper" prams and they were like beautiful sailing boats!

Vee said...

Oh no! Your camera!

Okay, moving right along.

I remember many of those same things. If a male (females did not curse) used rough language, he apologized profusely.

What? A pillowcase instead of a stocking? What insanity was that on your parents' part? I'm not sharing that one with the grands.

Debbie said...

I will be waiting for the frog story. Sounds like that one should be quite interesting!

Jane said...

Yes, I remember a lot of those things too, Linds.

The Bookworm said...

I remember when:
The national anthem was played at cinemas and theatres.
Shopkeepers took goods of the shelves and gave them to you instead of having to help yourself.
Halloween meant bobbing for apples not spooky costumes.

boysmum2 said...

I may be getting older now (almost 41!) but hell even I remember when things like these were done. I can honestly say that kids are not taught good old fashion values and manners anymore and it is sad and disgusting. Seems to be each for themselves and sod anyone else! Not a great way to live a fair and friendly life