Friday, October 21, 2011

Memories - simple things

Some days, simple is good. In fact, I wish I could make more of my days simple. Or more simple than they currently are. Today I have been fiddling in the sewing room, among the boxes. I have cut out some projects and sewn up more, and re-jigged patterns, and experimented, and it has been lovely.

Add to that a lunch out with Jean and Mum at a gorgeous little tearoom in a neighbouring village which I did not know existed, and the day has been good. There was also a wonderful little gift shop next door to the tearoom, and oh, I could have spent hours and a fortune in there. MY kind of gift shop!

I did not buy a thing. But I did mention to the lovely lady who owns it, that her shop gave me a perfect picture of who she was and what interested her. I love seeing part of the owner in the shop - it makes it so much more personal, doesn't it. I will be going back, for sure. (And there is the entire cake selection at the tearoom I have yet to sample. A perfect combination.)

So, keeping it simple, here is a list of memories for today, which may or may not be expanded over the remaining days of the month!

  • My earliest memory is of me, standing in a hospital cot, hanging over the edge looking down a dark corridor. That would be after I decided to eat a bottle of Disprin (Like Asprin) at the age of 2, a few weeks before my sister was born.
  • Did I mention the mouse in the Humpty Dumpty birthday cake? 
  • Or riding round and round the kitchen table on a tricycle until my mother fell over, grabbed the top of the fridge, which she then pulled down on top of her? 
  • Home made ginger beer, made by Moregranny and corks exploding out of the bottles?
  • Watching Moregranny making barley sugar twists? 
  • Going to the beach with grandparents?
  • Being a lucky bean and a milkmaid in ballet displays?
  • Having my portrait painted aged 8? Marge was 6. 
  • Nearly ripping my toe off aged 10?
  • Being a dreamer as a little child, a teenager, a student, a young adult, and a dreamer still through middle age to right now - the present? 
So many things to think about. Books to read. Places to visit in my mind. Life is full of colour, you know. You just have to know where to look. 

And now I am going to make ANOTHER attempt to finish that quilt. I fell asleep after 20 mins last night, needle in hand and woke at 1.15am, needle still in hand. I will finish it. I will. 


Vee said...

Very glad that the needle was still in hand!

You have a lot of terribly interesting memories. And I love that you are a dreamer still.

Lu said...

My first memory was being made to sit on my pot before going to have a nap, my Grandmother who we lived with gave me a chocolate wrapped in silver paper and for some unknown reason i tucked the paper in my sock.
When the nap was over they found I had put the silver paper up my nose, which resulted in a mile walk to the bus, 5 mile bus journey to the hospital who had to knock me out to remove it.

Linda said...

I love reading about your memories Linds. You were quite an adventurous little one (I have a mental image of your poor Mum!).
I'm a dreamer too. I think it makes life so much lovelier.