Monday, May 07, 2012

Bank Holidays mean rain.......

It is a Bank Holiday today - aka  a public holiday and it is raining. Why am I surprised???? I have no idea. I have had a quiet 2 days recovering from the basket making adventure. Oh for the days pre knee blow out when I could keep going like the energiser bunny. Alas, no more. But it was worth it. Days out of the ordinary are wonderful. Golden Days. The experiences, and what you do, are the things which are truly memorable. I won't remember buying something in a year's time, but I will remember doing things like making a basket. And those are the memories, made with friends, or people we love, which remain indelibly in our minds, aren't they.

I had a small visitor yesterday - Sue's little granddaughter came to see me so that I could sort out a small problem with her beautiful flower girl/bridesmaid's dress for the wedding. (See 100metres of binding saga.) I gather that the visit sparked a comment that if she got lost, she would come to my house and wait for Mummy and Daddy to find her. Excellent thinking, little one. She will be 3 in June. So out came all the old FP toys which Missy loves so much and she had a wonderful time playing and selecting a pile of chocolates to take to her Daddy from the sweet bowl on the coffee table.

The little things add colour to the days, don't they. Especially little ONES!

So there has not been a great deal going on in these parts. I did manage to pot on a tray of something beginning with "schi....." but I can't remember what the rest was. It was getting rather large in the tray. In fact, everything in the greenhouse is getting rather large and really needs to be out in the garden, but it is still cold at night and the rain.....oh the rain.

Did you all see the SuperMoon????? I looked last night and didn't manage to catch it as it rose, and my photos are a dismal failure. I checked the moon rise time for today and it is still 98.8% of its size, so if the clouds disappear, I may go out in the car and wait for it to rise. At 10.47pm. Hmmm. I may. But then again, I may not.

On Saturday night, after the basket making day, I fell asleep on the couch at 8.30pm and woke at 2.30am. I did consider skipping bed altogether, but decided I should try to rest flat on a bed. That didn't work too well. So yesterday was a bit of a haze. I did remember that I had forgotten Jackie (mother of the twins and Bekah)'s birthday on the 3rd. That would be DESPITE having Jean's card, clearly labelled with the date on the kitchen table. So I called round with some Patriotic bunting and the cards, to grovel, catch up and sample the birthday cake with a mug of coffee. That was really lovely. I have perfected the art of grovelling. Which reminds me that I still have to do something about the other Jackie's birthday which I also forgot. I didn't remember hers until she visited 6 weeks later. Oh, the shame. I will get round to organising something special. It has to be special, you see, because I have consistently forgotten her birthday for the past 6 years. And she never forgets mine. Groan. I will Make a Plan.

I don't think I have forgotten anything else, have I??? It is still the weekend here,so I am not operating on all cylinders. I will be more awake tomorrow. After aquazumba.

And today? Well, I made a blackberry buttermilk cake, and fixed the offending part of the little dress. And surveyed the garden from the kitchen window as the rain beat down. And ate a piece of the cake. It was delicious.

AH!! The good news of the day is the Sue is out of hospital and making a steady recovery at home. Thank heavens she is healign well. And thank you all for your prayers. Keep praying, because there is a wedding in under 2 weeks for her to be at - the bride's mother is definitely a VIP and needs to be well.


Vee said...

Oh you are blessed to have a little visitor who loves your place so well. I think that speaks very highly of your hostessing and home. You are so right...the ordinary things won't stand out in memory so well. What's next on the docket for memory-making?

The buttermilk blackberry cake sounds delicious. (I promised John cookies today as he worked so hard in the yard on our second sunny day in a row. He didn't get them. No eggs! Now it's back to rain for the remainder of the work week.)

Isabelle said...

That all sounds pretty good.