Sunday, May 13, 2012

A second Mothers' Day for me......

Hello from a slightly sunny, slightly breezy, slightly cloudy Middle England. I have been sitting under my apple tree. Well, "sitting" is a word I am using loosely. I have been sitting, in between  getting up to move something, plant something, water something, weed something, rearrange something...... 
You get the picture. 
 What I should have been doing is resting. I went to church this morning, and I am not exaggerating when I say that it takes the energy of 2+ full days to survive an hour and a half. The music. The music is wonderful, and the singing is glorious. And me? Well. It is hard, people. But I love my church so I went. My choice. 
After the rains, the sun has made everything in my garden grow over night. I have net over most small plants to keep the birds and the squirrels out of the pots, and I keep having to raise it higher. No colour in the garden yet, but just you wait. I know what is growing there in the beds! 

I love this time of year. It is such a joy when I see another plant push its way through the earth. I know where the lilies are, and when they start coming through, the surprise part is how many more emerge each year. It must look totally weird - me staring at the soil wondering if I see a small speck of green. Ah well. I have fun. 
Speaking of fun, I hauled out the rainbow bunting and the Dremel and and the cup hooks and the little step ladder and managed to string it all up together. It looks so cheerful flapping in the wind. I took it down once I was happy that the cup hooks were in the right place. My measurements were off, so I will extend it around the drainpipe when it goes up for the summer. 

I think the neighbours must be scratching their heads wondering what has possessed me. They don't know (yet) that there is more, which can go across the patio to the tree if I feel moved to brighten up the neighbourhood. Not to mention the Patriotic Bunting as well. Hah!
Here you are - blue skies, and the lilac in bloom. Beautiful. I have also seen a few rosebuds on the rosebushes, so I have evidence that summer is not far away. 

It is Mothers'Day all around the globe except here today, and I have the added delight of having TWO Mothers' Day celebrations. It helps to have children scattered about the place! Diana sent me a beautiful card and some chocolate, which is a real delight, because the wheels nearly came off last night when my chocolate hunt through the house proved to be futile. I ate a biscuit (cookie) instead. 

Right now, there is still sun shining, so I am off to "sit" under the apple tree again with my coffee. Happy Mothers' Day to all of you, wherever you may be!!


Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Happy mothers' day Linds - the garden is looking good - you're light years ahead of me!!

Crystal said...

Happy Mother's Day, Linds! Your plants look lovely as does the bunting. It's a hot day here with beautiful sunshine and buds ready to burst open on the saskatoon, apple and mayday trees. Enjoy the sitting and the resting, my friend.