Thursday, May 31, 2012

The demise of the phone.......

I dropped my mobile phone onto tiles on its head and it is now having a series of brain malfunctions. It is dead, in actual fact. Well, the Internet works, had I a mind to want to use it, but the phone part and the text messages? Kaput. So, after 2 days of negotiating phone provider and insurance and phone shop advisers to find out what the problem is, sitting in all day for calls which, predictably, never came, making enraged calls to provider blah blah blah, I have finally sorted the paperwork.

In time for  the very long Queen's Jubilee weekend.

I am truly astonished about how dependent I have become on having that phone in my pocket. After cartwheeling out of the front door and crash landing on the drive behind my car a few months ago, and realising that my phone had been next to me on my desk at the time when I went to take rubbish to the bin, I have made a point of keeping it in a pocket. It is useless on the desk when one is lying on the drive wondering how long it will be till someone walks by. So, I am a little spooked by its inability to make and receive calls. It will take at least 5 working days once it has been delivered to the insurance company, before I get it back either fixed, or a new replacement. That means about 2 weeks time. I just want it to work now. This minute.

So, last night, after I was told that all the data on it would be wiped, I started making a list of all my contacts. It took forEVER.  And I even managed to transfer the photos to my computer - go me! All 863 of them. It was time. I still want to delete all the personal stuff/apps, like Facebook, Twitter, email accounts, etc etc etc. Perfect entertainment for the day.

I realise that this must be mindblowingly boring, so we will move swiftly on and I will continue to gnash my teeth loudly in private.

The Jubilee weekend.

Jean and I managed to hang the Patriotic Bunting outside today. I am not sure the neighbours get the PB part. Stripes, diamond, spots the lot, but red, white and blue. I gave all the matching organised ones away. Union Jacks are appearing all over the place. Most seem to be upside down. I was driving along yesterday, minding my own business, when a lady came onto the talk programme on the radio, and declared that all the upside down flags are driving her crackers. So I started noticing them, and now it has become an obsession. Upside down means distress. So, if you are in the UK, the fat white bit must be at the top of the left side. I admit freely that I did not know it was essential to know this, but then I didn't grow up here, and it does sort of look the same.

So far, I think about 75% have been upside down. Maybe they are all in distress. It is possible, given our appalling economic woes.

And I also have a white vase in the window with 4 small flags in it. So there are my Jubilee decorations. You will have to wait for photos, because I have moved my cable from the computer while obsessing about phone calls which never came. It is safe somewhere. Probably in the same place as my sandals. All of them. Every pair of sandals I own has disappeared somewhere. I have turned this house upside down and they are nowhere and I refuse to buy any more.

I digress.

I just looked at the British Monarchy's Facebook page and there is the MOST beautiful photo of the Queen laughing, and I looked at her eyes and they looked familiar. Hers are as wrinkled as mine when I smile. She is 86. I am 58. Spot the problem.

Events are planned up and down the land - the main events can be found here and here the one I am really looking forward to is the Thames River Pageant on Monday. That should be fantastic. Our village festival starts on Saturday and lasts for 2 weeks, with exhibitions, concerts and a whole host of things on the go here, including, of course the carnival. So I have just checked the 5 day weather forecast and VEE YOU DID IT AGAIN! Friday 19C, Saturday 18C, Sunday 11C (with rain), Monday 12C (with rain). Oh joy.

But I suppose it could change.

Right. Time for crocheting a few more flowers for my tree. I need to think about the summer change, how and when, although I may wait if the temps are going to plummet.

I am off to search for a carrier pigeon. Or my sandals. Or chocolate......... Oops....I should have checked things. The Thames river pageant is on Sunday at about 2pm. TV coverage starts at around 1pm I think but check!


Vee said...

Well shoot! I hate to be responsible for messing up the Jubilee festivities. I hate to say that there'll be a whole lot more where that came from. Just stop listening to me!

So sorry about the phone. I 've been paying for one that doesn't work for two months now. Why? I don't want a new one. I want THAT one to work. Wishing doesn't make it so, however.

I'm sure that the bunting looks perfect and the white vase with the flags...all lovely! Sorry about the distress bit. I am driven nuts by flags flying signaling distress as well. I'm sure that there are many informative sites in the UK on the subject as there are here. Pay attention, people! ☺

Linda said...

Oh Linds, I'm so sorry. We really have become dependent on our cell phones. If I ever accidentally leave home without it I feel at a total loss. And all mine does is make calls - nothing fancy.
I hope it all works out quickly. In the meantime all the festivities sound wonderful. I hope you'll be able to take pictures!!!

Isabelle said...

We're not really celebrating in Scotland, or at least hardly at all. I feel a bit guilty. Thanks for doing it for us.