Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How many posts can start with the word "Rain"? Again? And again.......

You know what I am going to say, don't you?? Yes. The rain. It never stops. The heating is back on again. In MAY.  And my seedlings are climbing out of their pots and I need to get them in the ground or in the planters and baskets because their roots are dangling. Dangling roots are not good.
For a few very brief moments, I considered shoving a golfing umbrella down the back of my jumper and beetling out into the grey wetness and lining up the baskets..... And then sanity returned. So here I am. When will the rain stop??? And then I read Vee's blog, and she talks of rain and more rain, and so help me, her rain becomes my rain a few days later and I am doomed. Or my seedlings are doomed.

I may yet resort to the golfing umbrella. Not that I play golf, of course. I just like big umbrellas which keep all of me dry. I like water. Just not on my clothes when I am in them.

You may have noticed that I am straying from the point frequently today.
 The patriotic ripple is growing bigger each evening, providing I manage to stay awake, that is.  When I finally get everything sorted in the house so I can fall asleep on the couch if necessary, and not have Stuff To Do when I wake up, I retreat to my couch. This is why I only get to the couch late, and then promptly fall asleep, if you see what I mean. If I sit down on it during the day, I will be out for the count, so I try to avoid it till all is done. I am getting quite fond of the patriotic ripple, however. It is growing on me. I would not normally be making one in red white and blue.
My lilac bush is trying very hard to flower completely, but the rain seems to be a problem for it too. 
So. Jean is back, thank the Good Lord. I have already spoken to her countless times about all the little vital necessities we need to talk about, and also popped in for coffee and to make sure she really was here. She is. And oh, has she got many tales to tell. I did mention the guest post again, so maybe it will sink in, once she has really caught up with herself. I think she is still on Kathmandu time at the moment.

I suppose you could say that the day has been frustrating in a sense, but only because of the weather and the growing need I feel to be outside. It would be altogether wonderful if I could pack away the winter garb and unearth something a little summery for a change. Or maybe I should focus my clothing efforts on a more extensive winter wardrobe next year. Mind you, having said that, I am going through bathing costumes at a rate of knots. The last time I invested in new bathing attire, I followed all advice and it has never seen the inside of a washing machine or tumble dryer, but has been gently hand washed and rinsed and hung out to dry. Hah. It is still disintegrating. Chlorine in the pool is good at hastening the demise of all costumes, it seems. I don't remember that happening 20 years ago.

Perhaps I need to sit down and compose a list of more erudite blog posts. We are scraping the barrel here at RCR at the moment.


Vee said...

You're not blaming me for all that rain are you? Because I blame Judy (in British Columbia, Canada) for all of mine. So I think you should get to the source. =D

So glad that Jean is home again and that you will soon be on your adventures together. Very nice of you to give her some time to recoup.

Lovely ripple...I must look up how to do that...have found it in the, white, and blue would look fine here.

Stay warm, stay dry. The worst offense to me is to require the heat, which we very much do. The furnace is running now.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

You may think you're scraping the barrel, but I still love reading what you have to say!!

Needled Mom said...

The rains are relentless for you this year. Ugh!

Glad Jean is safely home again. I would love a guest post.

Dawn said...

The rain would definitely be getting on my nerves! We had a lovely rain on Monday, and it was cold. We needed it so badly. The only thing I can say - it's a good thing the roots are being kept moist!

Love the patriotic afghan.

As for bathing suits - I haven't bought a new one since the kiddoes were little. Two trips to Hawaii and I have put it on once in all those years. Water and I don't get along! I must post about that sometime! When Kristen was on junior high, she was on the swim team and doing really well. But no matter what we did, her hair had a green tinge. She wanted a perm that year, so the beautician put a swatch in the perm solution, and it totally melted. Just think if they'd put it on her hair~

Well, I finally have a new post up. I just can't seem to get words to make sense lately!