Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Triangles are pretty.....

 The miles of bunting are mounting up. But it has been fun, because it is something I can start and stop as I need to, and it gets done in the end. And it is bright and cheerful, of course.

 I made some spaced bunting and strung it up on the fence this morning, because even though the skies were grey, there was no rain. I usually make it closely spaced, but it looks good like this too. The one I have for along the eaves of the house is closely spaced for summer. Always supposing we have a summer. There was talk this morning of standpipes next year, if the rains do not come this winter, and I remember the standpipes from 1976 in Plymouth, Devon, with crystal clarity. I do not want to have to queue for water at the end of the road with my bucket again. I was 21 back then. I am not 21 any longer.
 I skyped with Diana this morning , and she wants some rainbow bunting, so I made her 2 lengths and one long one for her friend. That was today's effort.
 The patriotic ripple is coming along slowly, but it is lovely to pick up in the evenings when I am weary, but my hands want something to do. I can never just sit. If I sit, I fall asleep. Sleeping is not very productive and besides that, I miss the few TV programmes I plan to watch.
 I used the scraps you last saw on the floor to make baby bunting, which can be used on the edge of shelves, or in Missy's (pending) little wooden house. If they manage to get one tonight. I believe they are headed to Costco - no, the houses have not arrived yet. Maybe tomorrow.

 And another way to use up scraps is to make cushions. And use up the ribbons and ric rac which has multiplied in this house. The MOST wonderful discovery of the week is this.....
Wonder tape, and no, Wonder Tape does not know me, and I am simply showing you something I LOVE. It is a double sided tape which you stick on the fabric, and then place the ribbon or ricrac on to, and it holds it in place, and the sewing machine needle glides right through it so your ribbon is absolutely straight, with no kinks from pins. It is also amazing when you want to hold the zipper in place as you sew. It is BRILLIANT and I should d have laid in a large supply, because I have used half a roll already. You can get it at Sew Essential here in the UK and through Amazon in the USA, but I know loads of other places sell it too. And the best bit? It dissolves completely in the first wash. You will be able to amaze everyone with your straight sewing. Well. I am amazing myself at least. 
See? Straight lines. See the crown ribbon? 
And the little Union Jacks??
Sewing is revolutionised around these parts. I am full of ideas. 
And for something totally different - how is this for cute? Missy has style. Peppa Pig Wellie Boots and Peppa Pig umbrella and a fairy dress with tights. and a bright necklace. The wet garden was not going to stop her. You can't see the plaits in her hair or the cheeky grin, but she is just the best.

So it is time for the ripple now, and some coffee. It has not rained so far today. A great blessing because i am very tired of the wetness. Aqua tomorrow....... that is the RIGHT kind of wet!!


Crystal said...

The bunting looks so nice along the fence! Do you sew the triangles, turn them, press and then attach the bias tape? I've been sewing wrong sides together and leaving the edges just pinked lately and I think it works fine. Missy looks so sweet with the umbrella - and she will love a playhouse! Have a good sleep and enjoy the aqua tomorrow!

someone else said...

I just love that picture of Missy!!!

Needled Mom said...

The triangles are so bright and cheery, but Missy's look is precious.