Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have been having fun.......

I have been a little busy, so haven't had time to pop on here and say hello - sorry!

I have a valid excuse. I think.

It was my birthday on Sunday and that was jam-packed with "stuff". Good stuff. The twins turned 9 and so, as tradition dictates, I presented myself on their doorstep at dawn. Well, 8.30. On Sunday. On my birthday. Their birthday. So, after the first cup of coffee slid down my throat, and I woke up properly, we had a pancake breakfast outside on the patio. In the sun.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, and breakfast with the babes and their parents was just lovely. I had already spoken to most of my family by then, and when I got home, I skyped with my daughter, opened the cards I had kept in a pile and spoke to my friends who called from New Zealand and Scotland.
And then Peter and Glynis came to collect me and we all went to lunch at the most gorgeous pub in a nearby village. There were SO many people there - you have to book for a meal and believe me, it was good. And I am quite happy writing the delicious warm chocolate brownie with ice cream off as a Birthday Cake. Perfect excuse. I took my camera, and so help me, forgot to photograph the food. I just have pics of the empty plates. Oops.
All I can say is that it was delicious......
This is a very clever marketing idea for the Jubilee - £19.52 for 2 courses for 2 people - 1952 is the year the Queen came to the throne!
 And then home for a lazy afternoon here in my garden with the stream of visitors who popped in. It was a really lovely day.

The rainbow bunting went up because I couldn't work out what I was keeping it for, and the sun made me happy, and so do the bright colours. By the time the flowers all bloom, my garden will require sunglasses to be worn at all times, because the colours should be just as bright as the bunting.
 But right now we seem to be in a purple phase - the aquilegia, the alium (i - there are 2), the million bells, the bluebells, the start of the lobelia - shades of purple. It is pretty.

 So that was Sunday.

 On Monday I had a quiet day, and did a lot of pottering in the garden and watering the allotment in the morning, and then went out to lunch with my friend Liz. It was good to catch up over another delicious lunch at another garden centre, which we love.

It was another stunning day, so in the evening, Glynis, Peter and Jean came round for a BBQ. I have decided that that is the way to entertain, because all I need to do is cook the meat when the guests are here, it is all very relaxed and no-one expects me to wear shoes, and so what if the make up has melted and the hair has gone wild. Everything else - the salads etc can be prepared before they arrive, and that I can cope with, without a problem.
We had a combined effort and strung up the other rainbow bunting. I told you my garden would be bright!

This post seems to be all about how much I have eaten. Oh well. True!!

So that is what has occupied me for the past few days. I have been having fun. Today was a hard aquazumba day, and some sorting and organising, and then I started on the curtains for Missy's Cedar Cottage. And here I am.

I love having doors open and wandering in and out barefoot, you know. It is the South African in me. People here don't go barefoot. I prefer no shoes. My feet are FREE!! Sigh. I have not got a touch of the sun, I assure you. I just love being home and in my garden.

Right. It is now 10.30pm and time for me to go and sew buttons on the flowers I have crocheted for the all season tree. The summer change is just a week away. June, and the house changes again. The country, by the way, has decorated itself. Everywhere you go, it is red, white and blue, and flags are flying, shops decorated, houses, streets...... the nation is going to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in style.


Time to put up the Patriotic Bunting in the front, I think............................


Vee said...

The bunting looks delightful. It is good to enjoy it. Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you have friends to enjoy the day with, including the twins. You've put me in the mood to bake brownies and eat them with vanilla ice cream. I may succumb. Yes, I think so and I will say it is to wish you a happy birthday, if I find an excuse is needed.

Linds said...

Excellent thinking, Vee. In fact, I think it is your duty to do just that! Now would be good!

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Sounds lovely Linds! My garden is in a blue phase too....I love it!! Enjoy your week!! (Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

Dawn said...

There is nothing like the flowers - my iris are so gorgeous right now. But they don't last long enough. Dwight has designed the yard so well that there is always something lovely going on.

So glad you had such a great birthday and days since! I somehow have lost track of who the twins are - remind me, if you have a chance.

I love going barefooted too, but with the foot issue, it's more risky. But my sandals serve me well.

If you need a chuckle or two, check out my latest post!

Have a lovely Jubilee!!

Kelli said...


The garden is beautiful, already! I cannot wait to see it in full swing in a couple of weeks- especially with the bunting. Sorry- my vote is the Patriotic Bunting goes on the front of the house and the rainbow stays put. So there.

And I also, thanks to not walking or going out ever, do not wear shoes. Haven't for about a year or more, now. It's LOVELY.

What is the Cedar House Is that her playhouse? Or an upcoming gift?

As far as the BBQ- how about you supply/cook the meat, and the guests bring whatever else. Always a surprise, always easy on you. Oh- you supply the beautiful surroundings...

Love to you and again, again I say- HAPPY ♥ ♥ HAPPY ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it has been a fun and exciting time away from the computer.

Happy belated birthday!

The garden looks so festive with the colorful buntings. Lovely.

Sandra said...

I just really really really love your bunting :)

Happy Belated Birthday, I'm not really on facebook anymore so I missed it.