Monday, April 24, 2006

Andrew and Ann in Switzerland

The Restauant Boden, in Engelberg. Clearly the best place to eat in town!

Andrew and Ann in the snow. This is meant to be spring.

They had a great 2 weeks in Switzerland and managed to visit Interlaken and Geneva too. The snow was an unexpected bonus.

Another week is here, and the London Marathon is over for another year, and the 2 teams playing for the FA Cup have been decided. Roger Federer lost the Monte Carlo Masters final to Raphael Nadal (gl00m and despondancy here) and while the weather is milder, it has drizzled and there has been no sign of the sun anywhere. Spring? I need sunshine! Diana has finished her holiday club and it has been a great success, and she is now having a few days off to rest and have some adventures. I have nothing much exciting to report. I will be back.

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