Friday, April 21, 2006

The Queen is 80 today

And she is the same age as Mum. I can guarantee the Queen will not be doing what my mother did on her 80th birthday. She went for a ride on my brother-in-law's trike. Round the village clad in leathers, helmet etc. That was the easy part. Getting on to and off the huge machine was bad enough for me, and I am 51, but she was on there like a shot. What excitement. Mum and Dad were at the Queen's 21st birthday ball in Cape Town. They were on the stand outside Westminster Abbey for the coronation. They have been to Buckingham Palace to garden parties. The Queen's hair is white. Mother's is not. Mine quite possibly will be by the time I am 52, and the thought of what she may do for the next big birthday is guaranteed to speed up the process.

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