Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

The daffodils are late this year and there are no tulips out yet, but the signs of new growth and emerging life are everywhere to be seen. It is Easter, and it is really special to celebrate it here in the northern hemisphere, where nature reflects the essence of Easter in the rebirth of life. Along with the rest of the country, I spent a glorious day yesterday in the garden. In my case, hacking back everything with gay abandon. Give me loppers and I am a woman with a mission. Hah! It is now manicured. Not quite what I intended, but it will do. The fact that the paving slabs are lethal with at least 3 years of accumulated slime when it rains is irrelevant. Skating round adds to one's options for entertainment. The power washer can sort that, and it will be safe to wander round and watch the shoots popping out of the soil. Then the annual war with slugs and snails can begin. I never did much gardening in South Africa, but here it seems to be something that is infectious, and I have the bug.
Have a great Easter. The Easter Bunny still has to go and hide the eggs.......................!

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Unknown said...

Appropriate time for the resurrection of your blog. Keep it coming!