Thursday, April 13, 2006


This morning, a little girl died in Switzerland, in her Daddy's arms, with her big sister who is just 4, beside her. Her name was Hannah, and she had a beautiful smile, and she had a spirit stronger than you can imagine. She was just 21 months old, and almost from the start of her life, everyone knew she would not live long. She surprised everyone, and she learnt to talk and to walk, trailing her oxygen tubes behind her. She just wasn't ready to go until this morning. People who had never met her or her family knew of her, and prayed for them all. She had a father who has been everything a father should be or possibly could have been. And more. She could not have been more loved or cared for more tenderly. This is a salute to an absolutely remarkable man. Hannah will be remembered. She is at peace now, and home, safe in another Father's arms.

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