Tuesday, April 18, 2006

London's streets are hard on the feet

Ok. I have just spent half an hour looking for a photo of a red bus, or the queen or something to represent London on the internet. Then there are all the agreement things and it all got too confusing, so I have nothing to brighten up the post. I am quite sure my kids will tell me it is all very simple. And anyway that would make my day in London seem touristy and fun. It was not.

I had some appointments to take things to Christies and Bonham's, and bookshops for valuations, or advice, and ended up walking from Picadilly to South Kensington, dragging a wheelie bag behind me with all the things wrapped in bubble wrap in it. I looked like a bag lady, and you have no idea how heavy it was, and given the nature of the contents, one could not crash over every pavement edge. And do you know how many stairs there are in the underground?? I slunk past Harrods, feeling like Cinderella before the transformation, and found a coffee shop down a side street. Balancing a tray with a coffee on it while dragging the wretched bag at the same time was also a feat of considerable skill. Everyone in London appears to be 24 and to walk at the speed of light. And to be dressed in designer gear. County mouse defintitely does not belong in town. I cannot believe I am saying this, but Wellingborough looked good to me, when the train deposited me back in familiar territory. I clearly need to get out more, and get a life.

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