Tuesday, April 25, 2006


It is late and I should be crawling into bed for some much needed sleep, but I have been watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I am completely hooked I confess. The new season has started and I will be a zombie till it is over. And then there are the re-runs of course. The feel good factor is great, and I think it must be such a wonderful job to have...... to give people who really deserve it, the home of their dreams. Making people happy (or happier rather, as they are all super, positive, hope-filled people) is a lovely concept.

Then there is CSI in all its forms. And Medical Investigations. And Bones. They are all American programmes, but I love them all.

I tried to do a hyperlink thingy. I can't. I don't know what to do. It is driving me crackers. And I hate having to ask my child to show me what to do and then he moves so fast I can't see a thing. At least I knew what a hyperlink was. That is something. I remember the first calculators, that were the size of a modern laptop. And you had to plug them in to the mains. I remember going on a school trip to see a computer. It took up the entire basement of a massive building (the Old Mutual in Cape Town). I remember that in South Africa we only got TV in 1972 or 3. It was banned before. I did Matric maths using a log book and slide rule. I remember thinking life was complete with the advent of the fax machine. That was 1990. The home fax. Then came email, the internet, broadband, mobile phones. Cordless telephones and kettles. Microwaves. I sound as though I am a dinosaur. When I had my first son, my gynae didn't trust new fangled ultrasounds and epidurals. Car seats for kids and safety belts did not exist. Where was I???? Hyperlinks. Sigh. I did learn how to add photos to this blog. So I will learn how to do the hyperlinks. One day.

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