Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hodges family visit

Today Cathy, Tony and Graham came to lunch. They have been on their Easter tour of the country catching up with old friends. The last time I saw Harry, he was about 3 and now he is 14. We hauled out the photo albums, and had a hilarious time rehashing old memories. (I seem to be using the word "old" rather a lot at the moment!) It was great to see them all. Cathy made the trip to Heathrow last October to say goodbye to her goddaughter, Diana, when she left for New Zealand. She has been a super godmother. It was lovely to see them all. New resolutions have been made, and this time I WILL keep them. Devon is really not that far away after all. It really is amazing how easy it is to be with old friends. No matter what the gap is between seeing each other, the conversation never lags at all. I am so lucky to have so many special people who have played a part in my life.

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