Friday, June 16, 2006

The boys

I have spent the last week looking after Peter and Glynis's home, and their boys. Meet Humph and Dougal. The only way I got them to pose for the photo was to wave some dog treats in the air. It worked! They are great company, and full of energy. And in a heroic manner, I even cleared the garden last night of deposits. I am a saint, of course.

The house is a World Cup free zone at the moment. While I am there. I have control of the remote, and tennis rules. I love summer, and the evenings when it is so light for so long. Sitting in the garden, listening to the birds, and the water trickling in the neighbour's pond, and reading. Now if I could just pour a nice glass of cold rose, life would be perfect!


Katherine said...

Ah, seeing the boys has brightened my day considerably. If only Dougal would play nicely with my girl...

Diana Langdon said...

Dogs! They're gorgeous - that photo is totally deceptive though, they're normally bounding around!
Miss you all xxx