Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yet more hospitals........

You would think I had seen enough of the hospitals around here to last a very long time. I was back there this morning.

Glynis has had another recurrence of her stomach problems, and I took her to the doctor this morning. I have NEVER seen anyone looking quite as ill as she did, and when we got to the surgery, she was too out of it to even get out of the car. Eventually, with help from one of the surgery administrators, we managed to get into a room, and the doctor took a brief look and said that she needed to go into hospital straight away. We managed to collect some things and went in to Northampton General. She went to the same emergency admissions ward Geoff was sent to once they knew he had to stay in, so it was easy to find. Hopefully now she will have all the necessary treatment, whatever it takes, to make her well. At least she is there, and doesn't have to wait for appointments any more. Peter came back from a conference in Leicester, and we kept her company for a while, until it was certain they were admitting her. She is having more tests tomorrow, and looked much better by the time I left. I think the drip is helping a lot, and she needs to sleep and get back some strength. She did mention that she wanted a magic pill to fix everything at once. There is always the possibility of major medical breakthroughs! And Peter has promised to sort broadband at home before she gets back!!!! This could be the impetus she needs to recover asap. Not to mention Wimbeldon starting next week too. I don't like the people I love being ill. As I left, she said.... at least you have something to write on your blog today, so here I am. She wants a copy, and she will get one! Get well soon, Glynis!

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