Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Allotment....

I did tell you the earth would have to quake to get the weeds out of the allotment, didn't I???

David and I went down to inspect the progress. The rain has made the ground very heavy, so using the fork to work over the soil is not an option at the moment. We stayed to weed for half an hour, in the drizzle, and it is actually easy as the roots are shallow and the ground not baked hard. You can see the size of the plot. HUGE! And those sheds at the end are part of it. Geoff is still waiting to see if the previous owner is removing them, before he moves Peter's down.

You can see where he has managed to turn the soil, and there are piles of weeds all over the place. We added a considerable number of piles as well. Meanwhile, the veg have been started in the garden here in pots, ready to go in when the soil is ready.

You can also see the allotment next to Geoff's one. In pristine condition. Sigh. Maybe by next year. I want rocket. And runner beans. And spinach. And potatoes, parsnips, sweet potatoes, butternut............ my list is long!

I thought BEFORE photos were a good idea.................. now we wait with bated breath for the AFTER ones!

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