Sunday, June 25, 2006

Visitor from the other side of the world

It was lovely to see Robert again, here in the village for a brief visit before he goes to celebrate his father's birthday. We have not seen him since he and the family moved to New Zealand 4 and a half years ago. We saw all the photos, and he caught up with all the news and it was great to relax in Harvey and Isobel's garden in the sun together. No-one seems to have changed much except for the additional grey hair! The children are, of course, another story. He had 3 new Elvins to meet!

Today was another World Cup crisis day for England. They won. Nicky had a football free house this afternoon, so Jean and i joined her and Kate for tea in the garden, and strawberries. I can definitely report that summer seems to have arrived. But then Wimbeldon starts tomorrow and we all know what that means. More strawberries, of course. Pimms. And all those legs!

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thebluefish said...

awww... and we were up last weekend...