Sunday, June 18, 2006

Celebrating adulthood!

Yesterday was a long hot day, and judging by the cars and people clutching bright plastic things won on the stalls, the Carnival was a success. The babes went as Jack and Jill, and as a little swiss girl, and they are the perfect age for carnivals. I managed not to go. There is a whole new generation out there which is enjoying it all!

The wanderers have returned, and all the kids away at uni are returning slowly to the village for the summer. It is good to catch up with all their antics and achievements, and Matt got a 2.1!!!!! This is definite cause for celebration. He starts work as a building surveyor soon. Ollie is now a doctor, and about to start work in Huddersfield. Charlotte starts teaching in Sept, as does Matt, who has just moved into his new house. So many reasons to celebrate. Dan is waiting for his results in engineering, and is off to Malawi (I think) next week to work for a few weeks. Kelly is now a director of the company she works for, and is buying a house. Tom is busy with his architecture degree. I had a great evening with Ros and Martyn and Kelly and Lance recently, and I just wish we all lived closer. Angus has a new job, and Beth gets married in September. Tom starts work as a deputy head in September, and he, Adele and Freddie are moving into their new house in the summer. Alex is selling rugs, and planning to have his own business one day soon. Ellie and Megan are still busy with their degrees in Leeds and London, and are absolutely loving uni and everything that goes with it. Kate is doing her PhD in York, and Holly works in Northampton. Jenny has just announced her engagement, and is in the middle of her quest to be a psychologist. Richard is loving uni and has a lovely girlfriend. Julia and David are the only 2 of the assorted children still at school, and they only have a year to go now. Thank heavens. Andrew and Ann are happy in London, and Diana is in New Zealand.

Liz and I are the only 2 mothers in law at the moment, and will soon be joined by Julia and Nicky. Liz and Julia are the only 2 grannies. I remember all the children above as small kids. As in really small. Toddlers, some of them. Now they are flying in all directions, and it is absolutely wonderful to see. Our combined brood range in age from 29-17, and are all so different, and so unique. So many talents and so many abilities. Lots of dreams and enthusiasm.

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Katherine said...

Toddlers? Bah! You knew me and Matt when we were newborns!