Saturday, June 10, 2006


You will know that this is not my absolute favourite. I am lacking the football gene. It is bad enough that the country is now football crazy, but when I got up at 3 this morning to take friends to the airport to fly to Spain, the LAST thing I expected to hear on the radio was a discussion re the Ivory Coast's chances in the World cup with contributions from Ohio and Singapore. Give me strength. No mention of tomorrow's Grand Prix or the tennis in Paris. They were worrying about the 27 degree heat in Frankfurt today and the humidity. What did I say about playing in winter????
At 8.30 yesterday there was a discussion re the science of penalty taking. I say just have penalties and forget the game. It would all be over in a day. The entire world cup. The men in this family think i should be deported.
Yesterday was all about Wayne Rooney. I personally think that he is just a distraction and won't play but all the speculation is keeping the pressure off the rest of the players. Then there was the in depth analysis of England's chances, and how big a problem Sven is. Some seemed to think he was the only problem the team has or that he is the only barrier between England and the world cup. I have taken to playing my CDs at top volume in the car to drown out the football. It is hot, so even in a traffic jam, all you hear is other people's radios with yet more speculation, never mind the inane world cup songs. Groan. How long did they say it was going to take till it is over??????????????????? I wonder what would happen if I draped the house in the Swiss flag............. or the German one.......... or maybe both!

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