Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BAAAAD idea...

I went to work yesterday. Not a brilliant move at all. You see, I have this ridiculous idea that I am indispensable. I am not. They can survive very nicely indeed without moi. And the consequence is that my knee is not happy. The swelling has not gone down at all. There is a lot to be said for long skirts. Thank heavens I am not required to show my knees to the world at large any longer. I am off to see the doctor this morning, and as I am here, I am clearly NOT at work.

Lots of "nots" there. The upside is that, if I have to return to the couch, Wimbledon has started. I love watching tennis. I love playing tennis too. Until we moved here, I used to play every week, and go to coaching too. There is nothing to beat taking a bucket of tennis balls and serving them with all the speed and strength you can muster as a stress-buster. I remember arriving at one coaching session and marching straight past my (young male) coach, and saying...just give me a bucket of balls. He grinned and headed for cover until I had got rid of the lot of them, and regained my equanimity. Once I was human again, we had a very nice lesson, thank you.

I have been to Wimbledon quite a few times. There is tennis magic in the air there. I have been in both rain and sun, and have loads of happy memories, so when I see it on the screen, they come flooding back. Queues for strawberries. Crowds. Wonderful tennis. Laughter. In fact, Wimbledon is all about queues. It is the only major tennis tournamnet where people camp over night in the road, waiting for the day tickets to go on sale in the morning. There is almost a carnival atmosphere. A friend popped round last night and told me that the company who does the flowers there, has had the contract to do them since 1948. I think. Amazing. Tradition. That is the other thing Wimbledon is all about.

Anyway. I can watch Wimbledon. At least for today. We will see what the doctor has to say. I have also found out that some of my friends love playing tennis too, so maybe this summer I will get back on a court somewhere.

Providing I am not using a zimmer frame.

Update: I have seen the doctor. I am off work for at least 2 weeks to start with and will see the orthopaedic consultant if there is not marked improvement in a week. 2 WEEKS!!!! So the couch and I are bonding again. I need books to read. Any suggestions? I wanted to get the latest Elm Creek one but that takes too long to order through Amazon. Give me some new suggestions, people! Please!


Unknown said...

Now all you need to do is follow the Doctor's orders. I will send up a few prayers for you that your knee will heal without any needed surgery and you can pair up with someone and get out on a tennis court. Meantime lay back do your couch bonding and take lessons from those pros you will be seeing on TV.

Bronwen said...

Enjoy the tennis and LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS!!!!!
Bond with your couch to your heat's content!
Having had a replacement artificial ligament put in my knee many moons ago, I know how aukward knee injuries are... you never knew that your knee twisted when you looked behind you or that you bent your knees ever so slightly (but enough to inflict pain on a damaged knee)when you sneezed or coughed!!!
You will be in my prayers for a swift but thorough recovery... but don't be tempted to start walking and busying yourself when YOU think it's getting better! Wait for the OK from the doctor. Many an injury has gotten worse from premature activity.... Know your limitations, accept them, sit back and enjoy Wimbledon.

Judith said...

I am so glad you went to the doctor. Also glad you're getting a break from that awful job. Fight the urge to do all those household things you're not suppose to right now. I sure understand what you're going through.

Vee said...

Well all I can say is "yabba dabba do"! How wonderful! Now I'm wondering if Wimbledon would take my mind of this toothache...

someone else said...

Considering that your job is driving you nuts, two weeks sounds like a nice option, except for the inconvenience of a bum knee. Take are of yourself and do what the doctor says!!

Books to read...hmmmm. I wish I were there because I'd share some from my shelves with you.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
Two weeks off sounds like a good start towards healing if you don't overdo!
Believe me I know how hard it is to sit when you want to me up moving about. So tell: What on earth is a zimmer frame? Is this something there going to be suggesting (they can't seem to make up their mind what I need) I'll post about that later!!
Take care..

Crystal said...

What perfect timing to have 2 weeks off when tennis is on! Did you see the match with the Canadian guy yesterday? It was on the news here as quite an upset.

Praying that your knee heals and that you have lots of patience!

-The Time Traveller's Wife
-The Stone Angel by Margaret Lawrence (It's Canadian and our book club did it last month)
-Marley and Me (if you've ever had a dog you'll love this)
- anything by Karen Kingsbury or Francine Rivers (Christian authors)

Dawn said...

I knew you shouldn't go to work!!! I can't believe you're even thinking of playing tennis when you're in such pain! But maybe it's good incentive to keep you on that couch. I think it's great that you have to be gone from work for TWO WEEKS!!

I'm really enjoying the third Elm Creek book - they are wonderful. Have you read Earlene Fowler's books? They're all named after quilt patterns, but not so much about quilting - they're really good as well.

Edith said...

Enjoy the 2 weeks off. Don't overdo! Love the story about the tennis lesson with the bucket of balls. Do you cross stitch or crochet at all?

Books: Anything by Wanda Brunstetter - she writes about the Amish - fictional but clean fun to read. Catherine Palmer is another fun author - she apparently (I believe) went to RVA in Kenya.

Barb said...

What an awful way to get a vacation, Linds. You poor thing. My own mother is going through exactly the same thing right now and her ortho told her the same - stay off her feet for two weeks and then they'll re-evaluate the situation. She has a tear too.

And she's in a lot of pain. I'm assuming you are too and I'm really sorry.

I'm reading all my Dorothea Benton Frank books again and I'll bet you'd love her. She's from the "low country" - South Carolina - and all her stories take place there. I'm completely enjoying reading her again. You should start with her first book, Sullivan's Island. I guarantee you hours and hours of blissful escape.

Hope your poor knee feels better soon.