Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sun on a Sunday

I have checked, and you can get a raclette at Amazon in the States. That means they are probably widely available elsewhere too. Go! Try it!

The sun is shining today and I have been up for hours yet again. On weekdays, I need the alarm. Weekends?????? Hah. Just when I could do with hours more sleep! Never mind. I can always rely on the trusty couch to send me off to dreamland. My son is sure it has narcoleptic properties. Mind you, the French Open final is on this afternoon, and I will absolutely be watching that. Roger Federer is my all time favourite, but I do believe Nadal is king of the clay court. But then, I do believe in miracles.

Today my brother-in-law celebrates his birthday. He is catching up again. He is a year younger than me. Happy birthday, Peter! I called to speak to him in Switzerland, but he is at work, and I may not be able to catch him today. He is a world class chef, and works crazy hours. Mind you, if he wasn't so good, no-one would be queuing to eat at the restaurant now would they. Anyway, I had a long chat to my sister instead. That is always good. And she understood why I was not a ray of sunshine. So we laughed. And things always look better when you can laugh.


The weekend passes way too fast around here. Blogland is quiet. America is asleep, and most people are enjoying lazy summer days. Oh my word. I have just walked through my kitchen wearing my reading glasses. You do not want to know what it looks like. I am mortified. Sundays are days of rest. Supposed to be. It looks fine with no glasses on. Groan. Sigh. Groan. I will have to roll up the sleeves and do something about this. Right now is probably a good idea. Then I can spend the rest of the day feeling virtuous. Now where did I leave the industrial strength cleaner.............

Today I am thankful for:
  1. My sister and her ability to make me laugh
  2. The sun warming my garden
  3. The budding roses about to flower
  4. Petrol in my car
  5. A day to relax and rest
  6. Perceptive friends


Mary said...

Hang in there! Thinking of you. Sending some 'bloggy' hugs your way.

Dawn said...

It is quiet in blogland on Sundays, isn't it? Saturday, too, for that matter.

I hope by now you are feeling more cheerful, since you need some cheerfulness to head into the week at work!

The raclette looks so wonderful - but sounds like a lot of work! A world class chef in the family would definitely help!

Hey, you and me and the glasses thing - I always think my shower doesn't look too bad until I happen to have my glasses on. I remember years ago when my MIL's kitchen wasn't so clean and I though, oh, my goodness. Now I understand! Oh, the woes of growing older!

Wait'll you read my next post that is in my head - of my last two weeks.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thanks for the info...I'm off to check it out! Thanks.

Hope that your Sunday is going a whole lot better. Great gratitude list!

Crystal said...

I hope your Sunday has been peaceful, sunny, sparkling clean and rejuvenating! And I like your list of thanks!

Isabelle said...

My friend Carol has just had her 60th birthday. She looks great for 60. Her hairdresser expressed amazement that she was that old. Then the hairdresser said, "Wait a minute - let me put my glasses on." And did. And said,"Oh yes, you don't look so young now."

Great mirrorside manner, eh?

Happy Sunday Linds.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
Just catching up on your weekend posts. That raclette looks as though it would make an interesting and tasty meal. I've never heard of them! I hope today is restful for you and leaves you with a good sense of peace to begin your week. Seems so many of us have lots on our minds right now, doesn't it!
Sending you ((hugs))

Morning Glory said...

My sun is shining today. Thank you for being my friend.

meggie said...

Nice post.
The raclette looks interesting too. I must have a look about, it sounds like fun.

Needled Mom said...

A world class "Happy Birthday" to your BIL. I surely would hate to have to cook for a fellow like that!!!!!

Glad the sun is still shining. I know that it always makes me feel a world better.

Great list of things to be thankful for.

Jo said...

Thank you for passing along the info on the raclette. I will have to look in to that.

You forgot to mention your couch with narcoleptic properties in your list of thankfuls. I believe my couch has those same properties. Perhaps they were made at the same factory.
Have a great day Linds.

PEA said...

Hello dearest Linds:-)

I had Raclette a couple of times and really enjoyed it. We had neighbours who were from Quebec and they had invited us a couple of times for it:-)

Happy belated Birthday to your brother in law. It must be wonderful to have a chef in the family...but then, does he have time to cook for the family?? lol

Weekends certainly are quiet in Blogland...I tend not to blog on weekends and if it's a beautiful day, then I spend my time outside. Hate being cooped up after the long winter we had!!

Take care of YOU! xoxo