Saturday, June 07, 2008


This is a raclette. You can grill whatever you like on the top and melt cheese underneath. The traditional way my brother-in-law has raclette is to boil tiny potatoes, and you chop garlic and have raclette cheese which you dust with paprika, and melt under the grill while you cook thin bacon on the top. Silver onions are always served as a side dish.

I add chipolata sausages to the grill, or strips of chicken breast. What ever you like, really. And we always have a tossed salad. We also love layering the cheese under the grill with onion, or mushrooms. It is incredibly filling. Luckily, we can get raclette cheese here, but any swiss cheese would do, even Cheddar, which is clearly not Swiss!

It is a lovely way to eat. You stop and start as you wish, and everyone cooks their food the way they like it. You pour the melted cheese over the potatoes. Just divine.

If you have some vegetarians with you, they can also cook different vegetables in the little pans you each have for cheese on the top as well. So it suits everyone.

And my day? Not so spectacular. My mood is pathetic and altogether too self-centred to report. I am less than impressed with myself.

But tomorrow is another day.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You being too hard on yourself perhaps?

Never heard of a Raclette, but it looks wonderful and sounds better. I will keep my eye open and especially now that my sister has taken her grill. ;D

Tomorrow'll be better. Course it could be better in the next minute, which is what my prayer will be.

Morning Glory said...

What an awesome piece of cooking equipment!! Let's go have a mutual down-in-the-mouth party somewhere together.

Kelli said...

I think I will have to try and hunt one of these down here in the states, or order from overseas! It looks great.

And veryone is allowed a bad day ... love you!

Needled Mom said...

Never heard of raclette. That sounds really yummy.

Hope your weekend improves, Linds. Don't be too tough on yourself.

Bronwen said...

Raclette is deeeeelicious! I've had it the traditional way in Switzerland at a large family gathering when the Raclette cheese is placed on a support in front of an outdoor wood fire and as the cheeses starts to melt it is scraped onto your plate. the french for scrape is "racler" hence the name raclette!
mmmmmmmmmmmm good food! I'm envious

Dodgeball Opera said...

What a neat device! Wonder if they have them in the states? Certainly they do.

I wish you uplifting thoughts and a better mood...


Jo said...

I am going to have to look into one of those. That is surely the way to go for the picky eater... let them fix it themselves.