Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am still here....

Another week is nearly over. Tomorrow is Friday and the start of the weekend. David will have written 6 of his 9 exams. There will be 28 more working days till the summer holidays. Not that I am counting or anything......

I think I am a contender for the world record in yawning. I feel it should be a new Olympic sport. I may need to start a petition. This is clearly going to be a post of great literary merit. `

I have been staring at a blank screen for a while now, waiting for the muse to strike. However, I do believe the muse has departed. Probably on a summer holiday. Together with the sun around these parts. We are back to sweaters and jackets again. I have just checked, and there is a chance of sun next Tuesday. Gee, thanks.

It must be because I am now 54. I don't recall being this wiped out when I was 53. I was interesting back then. I had stuff to say. Oooooooh bring back the youthfulness of yesterdaaaay! Wail.

Ok. I can do this.

I am going to relax in a hot bath and count my blessings. One by one. I will even add the exotic bath smelly stuff I got for my birthday. I may attempt reading a book. And then I will go to bed and sleep. And maybe tomorrow I will be capable of coherent thought, and actually manage to write something of interest.

Did I mention that my quilts are in an exhibition this weekend?


Linda said...

I've made room for you on the hammock Linds. I know exactly how you feel. I have seven years on you and I feel as though someone ran off with my brain and my energy - what a mean thing to do!! I look at some women who are much older than I am and seem to have so much spunk. Perhaps we're just going through a bad "phase"?
I'm proud of you for having your quilts in an exhibition. Take pictures! I love quilts. I'm more than half finished with mine now. Hooray!! I want to do more.

Unknown said...

Hi Linds,

I echo Linda's comment completely. I set down in the grass and work in my gardens and it takes all I can do (Painfully none the less) to get back on my feet. I find myself asking "When did this start and why?"

Please take pictures of your quilt in exhibit...(and maybe a few others too) and share with us.

You need a count down calender for those few remaining days until summer break.

Have a great reat of the week.

Crystal said...

No - you didn't say a word about your quilts!! That's a blog worthy post - do tell more. I'd love to see some pictures of the exhibit too.

I hope those 28 days disappear for you. And good luck to David with all those exams.

Have a happy weekend!!!!!

Vee said...

No you did not...not until the last possible moment. I love quilting exhibitions and try to attend the "Big One" every year. What quilts did you enter?

Even when you're in a slump, Linds, the muse still hovers. Don't you worry nor fret.

Have a delicious weekend!

someone else said...

Add me to the list of uninspired bloggers!

Judging from the one you gave me, your quilts are worthy of being in an exhibition. Way to go!!

Dawn said...

You MUST show us your quilts! I have just finished the second Jennifer Chiaverini book and though I don't quilt and don't know what they're talking about when the speak "quiltese", I thoroughly love the stories. Thanks for the push in that direction. I loved the story about the memory quilt that Sylvia found under cover in the quilting room, made from clothing of her ancestors, and immediately thought of you.

I actually had to yawn when you just mentioned the word!

meggie said...

The bath in smellies sounds nice. We have a bath, but I never use it, too busy running in circles.
Please can we see the quilts once they come off exhibition?

Needled Mom said...

That bath sounds really good. I do hope that it was enjoyable.

I hope that you are taking photos of the quilts on exhibition. I would love to see the photos. That is so exciting.

I think it is the lack of sun that is putting you into the sleepy funk. I would certainly be like that.

Dawn said...

Please come over and visit my friend's iris garden. It'll soothe your soul!

Not to mention the beautiful, growing twins!