Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ramblings again.....

I have no idea where today went, but as I have been up since 5.30am, it has been a loooooong day, and now I see it is 10pm. I am blathering here. It must be sleep deprivation.

Some blithering idiots have burgled our local cash machines again, and that means a trip to the nearest town to get money at the moment, which has not thrilled me at all. I become highly incensed when I think how hard most of us work and then some imbecile comes along and thinks he can help himself to our money.

Ok. Rant over for now.

I have been blog-hopping while my son has been helping at Crusaders, and have discovered some really lovely new places to visit. When I am thinking straight, I will post the links for you to check out. I cannot believe how many places there are out there which I have yet to discover. Thousands! Millions, probably. No matter what your interests or hobbies are, there are places to visit. Wonderful. Now, if I only had the time to do so...... Sigh.

After a few weeks of constant grey skies, and more rain than I care to think about, today the sun came out for a short while. It is amazing how spirits lift, and you feel more energised when the world is golden. I just love to come home and open the doors and windows, potter around the garden and water my plants. The tomatoes are flourishing, and the lettuce is spectacular. The roses are in bud and they just need a little more sun to bloom at last. And hopefully we may be able to bbq again soon.

I love summer.

In the UK, our summer break (school holiday) this year is just 5 and a bit weeks. Last year, it was just over 6weeks . 6 is the norm though. We do not have anything like the American 3 month breaks! And so help me, a government think tank has announced that 5-6 weeks is too long, and the children forget too much over the summer holidays and they want to make the breaks shorter. I hope not. The irony is that the actual holiday is right at the end of summer. And the exam season is in full swing till the end of June, so that makes conditions unpleasant for the kids writing them. It is also peak hayfever season.

Anyway. I have rambled enough. I need some sleep. Maybe tomorrow I will have something more interesting to relate. One lives in hope.


Needled Mom said...

I hope that you are sleeping soundly as I post this.

There has been a complaint about kids forgetting everything over the summer break for years here. Somehow they manage to remember it quickly enough. Before we know it, the kids (and teachers) will all be working year round. GASP!

Butterfly Mama said...

Glad you are having summer holiday! Thanks again for all your prayers, things are easing back to whatever normal is around here!


Crystal said...

Someday you and I will have a long chat about summer vacations and the definite pros! Perhaps because we are historically so agricultural here, we have maintained a July and August break. Not to mention the chaos that would ensue if high school kids and the businesses that depend on them for summer employment were to be deprived of this break/opportunity. There are a MILLION and one things that kids ought to be doing instead of sitting in desks when the weather is warm, things are growing and life is waiting to be experienced. I always found that I needed 2 weeks to unwind from school, 2 weeks at the end of summer to gear up again (and begin having nightmares about the 1st week of school!) which then left only 4 weeks for everything else.

Enjoy the sun, the garden and your hot water!!!
((( HUGS )))

PEA said...

As you said, when the sun shines, it sure lifts up our spirits:-) I do hope you get a full day(s) of sunshine's raining here today but I can't complain since we just had three full days of sunshine!

Isn't it amazing all the great blogs out there? I don't dare go look, though, because I have a hard enough time visiting all the ones on my Bloglines as it is! lol

School ends at the end of June here in my part of Canada and resumes in early September. I haven't heard anything about them wanting to change that...hopefully your government won't shorten the school summer break over there!

Take care my friend!! xoxo

Dawn said...

It has been raining here for hours - very unusual for us. I am hoping for nice warm sun tomorrow, since DC, Sema, and Kev are planning a camping trip. Web camping trips are not fun (well, I don't like them at all, hence my name missing from the list, but a rainy one would totally do me in!)

I am sure there are hundreds more places I could be visiting, but I spend too much time here as it is!

Barb said...

What a shame your summer holiday is so short, Linds. After some of the things you put up with all year long, you definitely need a three month break.

And I just read your previous post. Congratulations on getting your hot water back. That two inch deep bath didn't sound very inviting at all.

meggie said...

A 3 month break sounds like heaven.
Still, my days of worry about holidays are over, & I really do appreciate the freedom.

Edith said...

Growing up overseas and going to boarding school we had longer breaks during the school year - December and around April and then summer break was 6-7 weeks long - beginning early July and usually ending right around Labor Day. It was a major adjustment to go to two weeks at Christmas, a week or so around Easter and then 10 weeks or so over the summer - and worse when I didn't work a "school calendar". I think there are really pros and cons to both schedules - it takes me awhile to get into a routine over summer breaks.

Wow...I've rambled. Sorry. Still enjoying your blog.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Taught for many years, but before that, I was a parent and one who wanted children to have time AWAY from school. How do children learn anything in school all. the. time. Ridiculous! That's my rant.

Oh guess not...AND, as for those who say that teachers are overpaid for their time in the classroom. That one really puts my knickers in a knot. Teachers give their ENTIRE lives for their classrooms...sleep-deprived and overworked for 9 months of the year to crash for the summer. It always seemed like a fair exchange. Anything less and I wouldn't have lasted as long as I did.

Hope that a different opportunity is presenting itself. Truly!