Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Alphabet soup and the Election.....

It is Tuesday, so it is Alphabet soup day again, with Morning Glory. Just click on the button, and it will take you to her site, and you can add your name to the others taking part. Today is the letter H, and we are listing thing which bring us joy, starting with that letter.

Here we go then:
  • Home - the place we love to be
  • Holidays - time to explore the world, and have a break from the routine
  • Hands - which can make things, do things, be held
  • Hammock - well, I have never had one, and I can understand they may induce a great deal of hysteria when trying to get into one, but they sound like fun!
  • Home-made - things made with love, and time
  • Hobbies- so many. Sewing, crafting, woodwork, reading, walking, scrapbooking, writing...
  • Hampers - picnic baskets, full of lovely goodies
  • Harvest - in a small way. Gathering the fruit and veg from our gardens or allotments
  • Health - um, well usually! Being healthy is something to really be joyful about
  • Heat - in the winter, having a warm home is wonderful and oh how we long for heat in the summer time!

Ok. So, it is good to come home after a holiday spent somewhere hot in a hotel. Having hysterics remembering hoisting oneself into a home-made hammock wearing a hat, holding some ham from the hamper of healthy food in one's hand, and watching horses gallop past haybales after the harvest.

It is election day in the States. I am watching with great interest, because this affects the entire world. John Fischer has a wonderful message about fear and hope and the election today. It is really worth popping over to read the Catch of the Day - Have no fear.

And the Compassion bloggers are telling their story - so click on the link at the top of the sidebar to read.


Edith said...

Love the way you end up your Alphabet Soup Posts - with the sentence wrap-up. It always makes me smile.

I've been reading you but not commenting - sorry. I'm here - just busy.

Have a blessed day.

Mary said...

A real nice list - especially 'holiday'. Some of my favourite 'h' words are honesty, happiness, health,humour,hugs,hindsight and hope.

I Hope your body is coping better with the drugs at the moment.Take care of yourself.

the voice of melody said...

What a terrific list! You certainly are creative and have a beautiful way with words.

Hope you enjoy your day and many sweet blessings!

JunieRose2005 said...

A very good list for alphabet Tuesday.
I enjoyed reading it.

Want to say thanks also for your visits to my blog recently.

I'm not sure I will get to my list today but will try to later. (Election day for us in the US)


Dawn said...

Great list - and I, too, love your new feature at the end each week. Very fun!

You are so right - it has been quite a year, for many of us. Christmas letters should be full this year!

Keep praying - the polls haven't pened here yet. What really bugs me about the media (among many many other things) is that they start projecting winners and even announcing inners before the polls even close on the west coast. Very bad idea!

Barb said...

Yes, it's a nerve wracking day here in the states. I think we all just want this awful process to be over. But I also think a lot of us are very concerned about the outcome. I expect we'll see some pretty interesting posts out here tomorrow.

Congratulations on that last "H" sentence, Linds. Very clever!

someone else said...

As usual, I love your list. We have some of the same again, and you reminded me of some I didn't mention.

HAVE a HAPPY day filled with HAPPY moments in the HAVEN of your HOME.


Lisa Marie said...

Great list again Linds, and thanks for your kind comments to me. Hope you have a wonderful week and stay warm. We may see snow fall here tomorrow if the weather man is correct, I hope not! It has been a beautiful Fall and I would hate to ruin it, Ha!

Vee said...

Thank you for the link, but for whatever reason it's not working for me...would it be possible to send it via email? Thanks so much!

Carole Burant said...

Oh yes, I can just picture myself trying to get in a hammock....lol NOT a pretty sight I'm sure! hehe Loved your list of words starting with the letter H.

Here in Canada we've been watching and waiting also for these USA elections to take place...it certainly will be interesting to find out what the results are later tonight. xoxo

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I think I'm caught up with you now after reading this post and your last several.

I voted last week, so that's behind me. No matter the outcome, in God I trust.

Love and hugs,


Crystal said...

Oh, you must have seen me falling out of the hammock at our lodge in the Amazon Jungle this past winter! I wanted to try one out, sat down and promptly went head over heels off the other side - and had my big SLR camera hit me right on the face - and split my lip open!!! Quite a grand way to start day #3 with 24 new friends!! Good luck, when you do find one!

Joyful Days said...

Happy "H" day! I thought I had left you a question back on your "Sleepy" post, but I see Blogger ate it. Enjoying reading the answers to others' questions though.



Joyful Days said...

Well since you said I should, I am asking:

What kind of music do you listen to? Who is your favorite group/composer/singer?

What projects do you have started for the grandbaby?

When are you coming to visit all your blogging friends in the States? (You could probably make that trip last a year, I'm thinking.)

Inquiring minds... :)