Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday: morning

My day did not start well. I need some strips of magnets for my woodworking projects, and I shot out the door at the crack of dawn to avoid the shopping rush. Leapt into the car. The end.

It did not start. Irritation beyond belief. Yes, I could have called the AA, but I called a friend instead, and we jump-started the car eventually - he had to dress three children and coat them up, find hats and scarves etc as it freezing here today. It may snow.

So my cunning plot to avoid the crowds ground to a halt. I took the car for a run along the dual carriageway to charge the engine, and then tried one shop, got vacant stares from the info people, and gave up. I did ask politely if they could check on their computer systems to see if they actually sold the item, and got a "who do you think you are to question me" stare to go along with the vacant one, so I departed.


I am now going to go and re-organise my food cupboard. I have run out of reasons to avoid this. I will be back.


Joyful Days said...

Oh Linds! So sorry you've had all of this!! I had to laugh about reorganizing cupboards!! I should have done that vs. painting. Can you order the magnet strips online?

Hope things go better.


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

So sorry!!! Hope the rest of your day goes better!

Sandra said...

Linds, I'm so sorry, I hope your day gets better.

LOL at the vacant stares though, you always crack me up. It's one of the things I love about you, no matter how bad things may be at the moment your sense of humor is wonderful :)


Linda said...

It seems life goes that way far too often. The best laid plans...
Great job on the meme. Since we both have names beginning with L - I'll let yours stand for me too. I could never have come up with loo paper:-)
Praying for you Linds.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I need to reorganize my food shelves too, but I think I'll skip the dead battery on the car and the uncooperative sales clerks and just head straight to the pantry shelves.

Um. Well...Actually, I need to cook supper tonight and make some preparations for Sunday Dinner tomorrow, so I won't be reorganizing my pantry shelves either.

Soon, though...Really, I'll do it soon. Hopefully....

By now it's late enough there that you're probably in bed or headed there soon. Hope the rest of your day went well to make up for the bad morning.

Love and hugs,


Mary said...

Morning Mam; It is the accountability police here. Did you really go and sort out your cupboards?

You know, if you really wanted to know if the store had the magnetic strips you should have milked the part about the poor daddy who had to dress and drag his little kiddies through the cold, cold day just to get you to their store.

Never a dull moment - heh, Linds!

Come on over to my place and I'll tell you all about my day - it'll make you feel a lot better. I found my goodies, purchased them - and then had to leave them in the store? T.T.Y.S - hugs

Jan said...

Well that just stinks, now doesn't it!? Sorry you didn't find what you were looking for. Maybe on your next trek out into the wild! : ) Take care!

Dawn said...

I think next time you should let your fingers do the walking, as the old phone company (when there was just one) ad went! But at least you got your car started!

So I have a list in my kitchen of everything that needs to be cleaned in my kitchen - I have crossed off 2 or 3 so far. It's a start! But I feel guilt every time I see it.

Dawn said...

Me again - I just read your comment over at Midlife Mom's place about never having Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife have all sorts of people over for an American Thanksgiving celebration every year - too bad you can't pop down to Manchester and join them!

Britt-Arnhild said...

So how did the food cupboard organizing go :-)

Bronwen said...

It's easier doing someone else's.... cupboards that is! I'll do yours for you if you come over and do mine!