Monday, November 03, 2008

Compassion and Q&A2......

Most of you will already know that the Compassion bloggers are on their way to the Dominican Republic as I speak. Among them are Marlboro Man and his 2 daughters (reporting for Pioneer Woman), Mary from Owlhaven, and Melanie from Big Mama. All these links are in my side-bar so do make a point of popping over to visit them to hear all about what they are seeing and feeling. (I am too tired to put in all the links - sorry!)

or go here
<---------------------------------------------------- Also on the trip are Tim Challies and his son, Nick (8), who is blogging for kids, and Jennifer Donovan from 5 Minutes for Mom. If you have children, send them to Nick's blog so they can get a child's point of view. Go to Compassion Bloggers and click on the link to learn more, and how you can help. Hopefully thousands more children will be sponsored as a result. They need us more than ever now. And prayers for their health and their safety would be wonderful too.

I have to say that these tablets are unbalancing me. As in I feel as though I am weaving about instead of walking. We have just reached the full strength phase and it is a little odd to say the least. But that is entirely beside the point......

Back to the questions.......

But first, a short note of explanation for my newer readers (Hello and welcome! I am always delighted when I make new friends!) - When I referred to the Inquest in my last post, it was my husband's Inquest. He died 2 and a bit years ago and there was an Inquest 15 months later to establish the cause of death, as it was in hospital, and sudden. I represented the family and asked all the questions, and the verdict, in the end, was an Open verdict. Until more info turns up. I had to do a great deal of research before it happened. If you would like to read about it, it happened in October last year, so check out the archives in the side bar!

Isabelle asks: What's your favourite colour, flower, food, poem?

Colour - well, strangely enough, this is not a question I have ever found easy to answer. You know when you sign up for something and they ask you your favourite colour? Like broadband etc? I can never remember. I give them a long list and tell them I hope the one I listed is there. It changes. I am changeable. I love my home to be fairly neutral, so that I can easily ring the changes from season to season. I love the colour blue - the sky, especially when there is snow about, is stunningly blue. I love yellow, because it is a happy colour. I love the blends of soft pinks too. I tend to wear neutrals or olive greeny things at the moment. Hmmm.

Blue. I think. Or maybe yellow. Or....

Flower - I love flowers. I have roses of all shades and colours in my garden. My favourite is called Alpine Sunset. But I also love freesias, and lilies. The common factor in all of these is scent combined with beauty. I had freesias in my wedding bouquet. Again, is all depends on the mood!

Food - I love salmon. I also love Italian food. Proper SA style braais (BBQ) too, with marinaded meat. We don't tend to eat much red meat at all, but I do love a nice roast when all the kids are home. I will go with salmon. Smoked, grilled, baked, with sauce - any way at all!

Poem - I used to know so many by heart - a by-product of my education (and age) where we actually had to learn poetry! I have forgotten the words now, but as soon as I read them, I can hear the rythmn again from all those years ago. Maybe I should read poetry more often. I remember loving "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I loved "If " by Rudyard Kipling too. And Wordsworth, Blake, Milton, Donne, and Dylan Thomas. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I also grew up with Robert(Rabbie) Burns poetry. However, the one poem I loved reading then and still do now, is Longfellow's Snowflakes.

Here ends the second round of questions, and NO, Mary , I am absolutely NOT going to tell you how much I weigh. Not in this lifetime. Or not until I am a sylph once again, and that may never happen in this lifetime either! I have lots more to answer, so part three will be along soon!


Mary said...

spoil sport :)

I am going to check out the compassion bloggers - thanks for the links.

Sorry to hear that those rotten tablets are disturbing your balance (and sense of humour - in rference to my question , that is);)

And by the way - my favourite colour is blue - yellow next - so we are quite alike in many ways.

Mary said...

It's me again - was just thinking -I would like to withdraw the question - I think - yes - withdraw it please. I have a new question if I may - W.I.Y.B?

Actually I think I'll withdraw the request to withdraw the original question - and just keep hounding you - that - or come on over and find out for myself.

Put the kettle on will you dear - TA

Mary said...

or you could pop over to my place - we are having a Mama Mia the movie sing along on Friday night. I am going to be Meryl Streep - come on over - you're very welcome - what part would you like?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

That was a good idea to catch readers up...sometimes we do forget that we have new readers all the time.

Snowflakes by Longfellow? Hmmm...must look that one up. When you come to visit (:D) we'll be sure to visit his childhood home.

Dawn said...

I hate that feeling of being a bit dizzy - I hope the result is worth it eventually!

It's fun to have so many questions to answer. It used to be easier to go bsck and catch up on past posts before we all had so many out there! Then I had to go and lose my pictures because of that evil young man - and now I have to be private, so don't get to have new visitors. So sad what other people can do to our lives.

Have a great day - well, I guess yours is more than half over!

Needled Mom said...

I will have to pop over and check out the Compassion bloggers. It sounds very interesting.

I hate the feeling of medications like that. Are they helping any?

Sandra said...

I read about the Compassion Bloggers on another blog this morning, sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Sounds like those meds are giving you horrible side effects....I had that feeling with Zyrtec, felt like I was floating around for a whole week, I couldn't take it anymore and had to stop them.

Feel better :)

grammy said...

I will check out the compassion blogs.

Morning Glory said...

I am enjoying your questions/answers posts. I have thought you were quite fascinating in your life, and each answer confirms that.