Sunday, November 09, 2008

From my perspective......

The last few weeks have brought with them enormous challenges in the Casa de la Rocking Chair, people. Both physical and emotional. Mental too. And those tablets? Evil things. I just hope they do their job. I have got to the stage where I went out all week wearing odd shoes, AND NEVER NOTICED. Sigh. My feeble attempts at looking something more glamourous than an old woman hobbling along were clearly doomed from the start.

The past week has seen the dawn of a new era in modern history. From an international perspective, Barack Obama's election heralds the dawn of a new world order, and a new approach to international relations which above all, brings hope to millions. The hand of friendship is a mighty tool. Wanting to work with the international community instead of dictating to it, can only be good. And we really do live in a global community now, don't we.

I am old enough to remember the 60's and I was a student in the 70's, and deeply involved in politics then, in a country seething with turmoil and unrest, and I remember what the world was like. And I am witnessing history in the making now. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.

Please note that I am talking about International Perspectives here, and not domestic perspectives. This is the historian in me speaking. The world looks different from the other side of the globe.

I have watched young people dropping their mantle of apathy and disinterest, all over the world, and here too. They know what is happening, and are suddenly becoming aware, for the first time in their lives, that they too can actually, really, become anything they want to be. It is no longer a fairy tale to the disconnected sectors of the global population. Dreams can become reality. Young people around the world are excited. Miracles do happen.

And you know what? He is The Good Guy. He is the American President Elect. Not a misguided tin god, leading frustrated young people down wrong or evil paths. Not a gang leader. Has there ever been a role model quite like this for young people? I don't think so.

I think that it is quite possible that a large number of young Americans too, who have previously decried the value of education, might suddenly discover that they have a reason to strive, work hard, and excel. It is no longer pointless. What better role model? How much better is this than a sports star or pop star or TV idol? There is, for them, a precedent. He happens to be the new President. All of a sudden, everything becomes possible. And not only in America. All over the world.

And so the world changes.


Back to me. The important part. Of course.

I refuse to keep looking at my leg. I know that it continues to swell and walking is not a pleasant experience. I start physio on 17 November. I just want it to work. Frustration levels here have been very high recently. And the inability to walk in a straight line has somewhat hampered my efforts to try to move more. That is wearing off a little now as I adjust to the pills, but believe me, I have not been a happy bunny. Mind you, the idea of me wearing shorts for the physio does not thrill me either. What an appalling vision I have in my mind right now. Groan. Dignity is not an option.

You know, the one thing which really fascinates me as I read everyone's words, is how different we all are, and yet, how similar too. We all cope with things in different ways, and we all worry about different things. We all fight our own personal battles - some in silence, and some with the courage to share. We are just like a family, gathered around a table, disagreeing, arguing, laughing, sharing, weeping and stomping off in a huff too. But, like a family, we love each other, and so accept our differences, and maybe, as we get older, we tend to do a little more listening and a little less speaking. Does this make sense?

So now, I will put the lid on the cauldren of bubbling words for today. Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday. It is Remembrance Sunday here.

I, too, am remembering.


Theresa said...

Oh Linds, this post is so beautiful, you are such an excellent writer.

I feel the same way you do and yes it does make sense.

Penless Thoughts said...

Great post.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Feel better, Linds.

Dawn said...

I am glad your words are back. And I am SO sorry you are dizzy and miserable. What a long, horrible journey you have been on. I know the physical therapy will probably be painful, but let us trust that it does its job! Is there no surgery in the offing??

Your words about aimless black kids were well put. I, as you know, am not happy with the outcome of this election, but am trying to put away my attitude and pray for things to work out for the best. I just hope I am pleasantly surprised - and that he modifies some of his goals as well. Your analogy of the family around the table was apt as well!

I cannot even imagine being so miserable for so long. I trust and pray that your trip to Switzerland will happen, which gives you something to look forward to. Remember - airports take wonderful care of people who can't walk those long corridors!

Linda said...

It's good to hear from you again Linds. I have to say, I agree very much with what Dawn has said. I have grave misgivings about where this "change" could take us. In the meantime, we pray for our new president-elect and for this country and the world around us.
I'm praying that you will soon see some healing in that knee and will be able to return to doing the things you long to do. It has been a very difficult season for you dear friend.
I pray your day is filled with peace and rest.

Dawn said...

My camera is a Kodak EasyShare M883 - 8. I love it, except that it is a bit slow sometimes and I miss what I'm trying to catch.

Anonymous said...

Linds, I so enjoy reading your blog, though I truly have to disagree with you about the new president we've elected. May your knee feel ever so much better very soon. You are a lovely person!


Jo said...

Linds, what a touching post. I have a new found hope for our country. The other day a news commentator interviewed an african american man and was asking how he felt about the election results. His reply was that now the people of his race needs to clean up their act to strive for something better. In my view President Elect Obama is the best of not only the African American population, but the Caucasian poplation as well. I just think that he will pull the world together and inable a lot of healing that has bee a long time coming. He certainly has his job cut out for him.

I keep you in my prayers Linds.

Mary said...

I agree from an INTERNATIONAL perspective that we may well be starting a new era - certainly here in down under our leaders are excited about working with Mr.President Elect - probably, like you say , because he is inviting other National leaders to work together and not 'follow me!' mentality? Who knows - time will tell . I do not think we should necessarily pin too much hope on any one person being the tide turner - do you? God says to support our elected leaders and so Americans need to do that now and International brothers and sisters need to encourage world collaboration. We are after all one big family.


Anonymous said...

If you think he is great...tell me what you think of him after reading this.

I find it frightening...absolutely frightening!!

Danny said...

I come commenting as one of the "Americans" you speak of. I agree that it is amazing that we have elected someone with some bit of intelligence in him. He comes from our top schools. I hope that his intellect will serve him well.