Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I may have to think about Christmas soon.....

Well, they came. They stayed an hour and then they left. I have 3 options, or maybe 2 and no, the occupational health doctor does not think I will be able to go back to work. Until I get more info that they are going to gather for me, I will not make any decisions, but I did give them back my laptop and key and yes, I got a receipt!

Good. That is out of the way then. We are apparently going to have snow on Friday. It is going to get considerably colder over the next few days too. There are no leaves on the trees any more. Most of them appear to be in my garden. Heaps of them. I made an attempt to collect them today. Well, I walked out into the garden, nearly skidded on the wet paving slabs and walked straight back in again. I am not stupid. Leaves can stay there.

I also startled a squirrel. That rodent was digging up my pots. I looked out the window, and so help me, he has dug up half the garden. I need a bazooka. Blunderbuss. Something large and deadly. There is soil everywhere. I have a suspicion that there will be no daffodils next spring. They may be in some squirrel's stash.

Anyway, I have decided that I do need to consider the fact that Christmas is approaching at a rate of knots. I have not even made a Christmas list. Sigh. And I really do not want to head into the shops. I have to make things. Tomorrow. I will get out the saw tomorrow. The next few weeks may well see me eating food gently seasoned with sawdust. I did mention that the saw is on my kitchen counter, didn't I????

Prepare to be amazed by my creativity. I certainly will be. I don't know what I am making yet.


Theresa said...

I can't wait to see what you make with a saw.

I'm going to give a lot of farmstand canned goods to my family this year. There is a farm that makes the most scruptious mango salsa.

I'm with you and the rodents....they should all be bazookaed.

Crystal said...

I hear you about rodents!! We had a mole come and ig great heaps of ground up all around the house and patio. He has 320 acres of land to choose from and he comes to the 1 acre that I call the yard?!?!?! I think not!! I tried to discourage him by moving his piles of dirt but I think he simply moved around to the back where I don't go as frequently. Good luck getting rid of yours!

Do you fee relieved about the school/job issue or do you need more info? Thinking of you lots these days, my friend.

Good luck with your Christmas creating - I'm off to do some sewing right now! Gotta get away from this computer!

Isabelle said...

You haven't even made a Christmas list. Shame on you! I know: you could embroider a lot of tray cloths for people. Bring back the tray cloth, I say. Standards, that's what we need in this time of credit crunch. Tray clothes and saucers.

Linds said...

My mother will be cheering, Isabelle! You 2 could start a movement!

Needled Mom said...

I can hardly wait to see what you will create. I cannot imagine my saw in the kitchen!!!!

It sounds as though the meeting went well for you. Glad that it is behind you now.

Snow....already???? Brrr. That darn squirrel. My mom has the same problems with her pots. The squirrels bury pinecones in them and dirt flys everywhere.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I will definitely be amazed. I promise.

The shops are nearly empty here. We've been shopping the past two days...not buying, just shopping. It truly is appalling to see and the most amazing bargains are to be had, but one holds onto the cash or the credit card as the case may be and hurries past.

So glad that you are taking your time about a decision whatever the decision might be. Good girl for getting that receipt!

Sandra said...

Well now I'm curious and can't wait to see what you'll create :)

I'm sorry I've been MIA, it's been a bit nutty around here and now with a pulled back muscle it's just worse.

Come by my blog when you get a chance, I've left an award for all my readers :)

PEA said...

You've got a saw....on your kitchen counter...and you'll be using it to make Christmas gifts...ok, now I'm impressed! lol I made my list of what needs to be done before Christmas...now I'm all depressed. lol I'm glad you didn't go rake those leaves, not worth you slipping and hurting yourself again. As for the squirrel, he'll have a lovely home filled with daffodils! hehe It's -10c here at the moment, brrrrrrr. xoxo

grammy said...

Well you certianly can find a lot of ideas on the internet. Good luck.

Linda said...

Okay - I can't wait to see what you are going to do with the saw!

Mary said...

I'll see - You'll saw - I like it!

momteacherfriend said...

I need to start thinking about it as well. I have done nothing in the form of action as of yet.

My mother is hounding for lists for the kids.

Enjoy your day.