Sunday, November 23, 2008

The cupboard saga....

Well, the food cupboard sorting went well. It appears that I have 25 bags of pasta. All in date too. Sigh. I seem to buy pasta every second day. If all else fails around here, we will be eating Italian style. And do not ask how many bags of rice I have either. It is embarassing. It is actually a real blessing to see just how much I have squirrelled away in recent months. Deepening the pantry indeed.

However, a little variety would be good too. So I have drawn up a list of variables. So when I venture into the shops again, (in 6 months time) I will look only at the variety part and AVOID THE PASTA AISLE. If you live around here and happen to see me wandering in that direction, for heaven's sake, STOP ME!

In typical Casa de la Rocking Chair fashion, I had reached the point of no return, and had just emptied the entire store cupboard into my kitchen - table, floor, chairs, counter...... you get the picture... when the doorbell rang. After negotiating my way past teetering piles of foodstuff, I made it to the door, and a friend had popped round for tea. Re-negotiating one's way over the piles to reach the kettle was a feat I am justifiably proud of. The grin on the friend's face, quickly hidden, was met with a baleful eye. It shrieked "one word and you are so dead". The friend sniggered. And I inched my way back over the piles clutching 2 cups of coffee and flopped on to the couch and pretended my kitchen was a picture of orderliness.

I am talented like that.

So. That is sorted. We will not starve. And I do indeed have 3 jars of pesto and 3 of Thai green curry paste, now stored in different cupboards, to prevent me from making unfortunate mistakes. Ever again. I am a picture of organisation. It may last a week.

And even though there are 17 more cupboards in my kitchen to sort, I am ignoring them. They can wait.

It snowed a little last night, and then we had torrential icy rain today, and I have just been out to lunch and the temp is 3degreesC. COLD. It seems that winter has arrived. This is wind from the Arctic, so we were not expecting tropical, but this cold is eye-popping. I have yet to hunt down the gloves and hats.

Just so you know, yesterday's post was not morbid and depressed. It rather amused me. Trials can be depressing, but I tend to either stomp about in a demented fashion, (for a short while) or get a fit of the giggles at what else can go wrong. And given the nature of the things that tend to go wrong around here, that is a real blessing. If I am really upset, I never talk about it. Or say very little.

One more thing re the cupboards..... I can't actually eat anything in them now, you know, because that would mess up my arrangements, wouldn't it??? All those neat towers of things could come crashing down.........

Sigh. Life has its challenges!


Linda said...

A job well done Linds! I tend to do the same thing - keep buying things I already have plenty of thinking somehow that I need them.
Whenever I do get around to organizing things, I find that invariably the things I put at the very back of the cupboard (because I hardly ever use them) are suddenly the very things I need. One of those unwritten laws I suppose.
Have a restful day - and snuggle up and keep warm.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ah yes, life does indeed have its challenges. So good to know that you'll not starve, but a rice and pasta diet will be murder on the hips so hope that you find more in those cupboards.

Is it not always the way that company arrives when we are up to our eyeballs in a mess? If you served tea and just enjoyed your company, you did very well.

Jan said...

Good for you! Yet another task accomplished! Now I feel the need to go clean out my cabinets! *sigh* Perhaps that's a task better saved for another day! : ) Take care!

Sandra said...

Well you did a great job organizing, just forget about the other 17 for right now, they'll survive LOL

I agree with Jan though, now I feel inadequate and need to go clean MY kitchen cupboards, thanks a lot Linds *sigh* LOL

Penless Thoughts said...

It's the cabinet under my sink in the bathroom that I MUST tackle tomorrow. It always feels so good when one of "those" jobs is finished. Such a sense of satisfaction.

meggie said...

Now that Gom is a man of leisure, haha, he has taken over the role of cupboard organiser. I could say life is fun, I never know where i might find something next time I want it. Usually nowhere I can access!

Kate said...

I am so glad there are others like me - for some unaccountable reason I have ten packets of lentils in my cupboard! And I hardly ever cook anything with them in!

Mary said...

Mary love alls sunny?

My life and secret?

might level all someday?

As for me , call me Hubbard!

Dawn said...

I wish you'd have taken a picture! We could all use a good giggle. And - maybe you should tell us sometime what really upsets you! You've had plenty of aggravations lately.

Judith said...

Linds, I read about the upset of your car not starting, but you somehow got through it. I love how you find humor, and regain control of your world, even in a jumbled food pantry.

If I were one of those rearranged jars or cans, I wouldn't move one little smidgen from where you put me.

Needled Mom said...

If you'll come to clean my pantry I will definitely offer you better weather. What a major undertaking you have tackled!

Strips of magnets???? I wonder what you will be making? Have you checked out the fabric stores for them? I find them at our fabric stores these days. Good luck.

Crystal said...

It's nice to find things buried and to know that you have extras and don't need to buy them for awhile! I found all kinds of treasures when I defrosted my freezer - it was marvelous! There were several bags of nuts, pie shells and even some perogies. I hear you on the keeping it organized part - always hard to do.

I hope your week warms up and is a happy one1

Janine said...

I spent a day last week tidying my grocery cupboard - found some things that expired in 2005! Next on the list is my sewing room - I know that my overlocked is in there somewhere!