Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heading back to the couch....

After the freezing weather we have been enduring, hibernation springs to mind. However, I am resisting the impulse, and have emerged from under my snuggly blanket, and tossed my recession heater onto the couch to say hello. I am indeed alive. And cold. Please be impressed at my noble sacrifice here. She says with chattering teeth. Shivering. Approaching frostbite.

It is COLD. You may have got that by now. It was -5 this morning at 9 when I went to town. The bills, you know, they needed paying.

Anyway. I have no scintillating news at all. Apart from the fact that I discovered a real shop which sold American food! Yes! I even got some peanut butter chips/pieces! Such excitement! I also discovered that the good old South African style receiving blankets for babies, made from brushed cotton, with cute little prints on, are unobtainable. No-one knows what I am talking about here in the UK. So if you are in SA and reading is a wonderful export opportunity! And while you are exporting, please send me a suitcase full of them. Immediately. Thankyouverymuch.

I did end up buying a white brushed cotton sheet, and will make some myself, but I cannot find printed fabric anywhere. Sigh. The things of great moment which occupy my mind. I really do need to discuss some more fascinating topics here. It must be the cold. It has frozen the brain cells. I will improve, I promise.

Once my teeth stop chattering.


Laurie in Ca. said...

Sending you warm thoughts Linds. It is 50 degrees here in my office and I won't mention being chilly. Gadzooks you guys are cold up/over there. I like reading whatever you write girl, so just keep sacrificing getting out from under the blanket and reaching out:) Outside of getting the dishes done and one load of laundry yesterday, I snuggled on the couch. Hibernation can be good sometimes. I hope your knee is doing okay, this cold does a number on sore spots. Thank you for your much appreciated comment this morning. I tend to be a procrastinator in denial about these things. So, thank you sweetie. Stay Warm.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's 65° here in the house...a perpetual chill is in the air...even the cat had to take a lover. How cold is it in the house?

There are no brushed cotton receiving blankets in all of the UK? How odd!

Pile on more blankets and get thee back to the sofa, Linds. Have any elderly friends? The elderly are notorious for keeping the heat up...I can smell ham frying every time I visit my Nan and it's me.

BritGirl said...

Reading you are cold should make me feel glad to be in California as it's not too terrible here although it does have a chill. Instead I am thinking of log fires,cornish pasties,sausage rolls and sticky toffee puds.
I wonder what these SA style receiving blankets look like then.I wonder if I can google it?!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Go get something warm to drink and get back under that warm blanket!! Stay warm!


LG said...

A very interesting blog I came upon...sorry you're freezing cold...somehow I missed where you hurt yourself? Hope you get better soon


I will have to look at those warm receiving blankets!

txmomx6 said...

I wish I could warm you up by sending warm thoughts.
But I have given you an award over at my blog!
Maybe it will warm you up at bit ... or at least your heart!!
You have to go to my place to see it, though.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Is your brushed cotton the same as flannel? If so, I'm sure you could Google it, and if you have a Walmart nearby they usually carry flannel receiving blankets in some cute designs. May be different across the pond though....

I suppose you could applique some cute fabric cut outs onto the brushed cotton. Just a thought.

Hope you get warm and stay that way. It's cold here and will be getting colder next week. Several days we're not supposed to have highs above freezing, and the lows are supposed to be in the single digits (-13C or so).

Have a great Sunday, Linds. :o)

Love and hugs,


Crystal said...

I wish I was coming to visit you - I would bring a whole suitcase of flannelette in the cutest of patterns! I know we have it here because I bought a green gingham-like one, a tan and chocolate brown circles on cream one, pink poodles on pink, pink and white cats on lime green, yellow and silver glittery snowflakes, and pink and blue pigs on another one for my Christmas sewing. You can buy receiving blankets but they are $12.00 for 2 little 24 X 36 pieces of cotton and $14.00 will buy you a 2 metres of the real stuff.

Have fun with the PB chips! I'm baking DD some gluten-free peanut blossom cookies today. Silas is home and everyone else (all 5 of them!) are sleeping this afternoon. Stay warm - I'm curled up under a thick grey blanket on the couch too!!

PEA said...

Move over, I have to go snuggle with you under those warm blankets! lol It's frigid over here too and the poor furnace has been working overtime trying to keep the house warm. I don't usually like to wear socks or slippers in the house, always bare feet BUT today I'm actually wearing heavy wool socks. I stuck my nose out the door this morning to get the newspaper and that was enough for me to decide to stay in today. It was -23c (-9F) this morning...can you say "stupid" cold??

How wonderful that you were able to find a store that sells American food! Here in Canada and the USA we tend to forget that not everyone gets the food we do here! lol I get all excited when I find a specialty store that sells foods from Great Britain! lol xoxo

Margaret Cloud said...

I don't like the cold weather either, it is 24 degrees here in Michigan and snowing, we are under a winter storm advisory. Glad you found a shop that sold things you liked.

Needled Mom said...

How interesting that you cannot find those blankets there. They always had those lovely baby items at Mothercare over there. Hmmm. We do have wonderful juvinile brushed cotton fabric here and they would be easy enough to make. Perhaps you should go into the business part of all this.

Hope you warm up soon. It sounds dreadful! I was thrilled that our temps have finally shot up into the upper 70s. I love the heat.

Dawn said...

It's been warm this week, a bit chilly today, warm forecast tomorrow, and cold the rest of the week. But not THAT cold - I feel for you, because I know it's the kind of humid cold that seeps into your bones - ours is such a dry cold.

Stay under the covers! Have you see the Snuggly that is like a blanket with sleeves - looks really comfy.

Mary said...

(-5) - Is that all? I'm trying to crank our air conditioner to blow out cool air in readiness for Tuesday's 39C day. Want to swap a bit of your chill for a bit of my heat. Let's say you send over 10 degrees of cool and I will send over 10 degrees of warm. That will make you more comfortable at 5 degrees and I will cope with 29 degrees. No, I can do better! You send 15 and I'll do likewise - and that way we can both get off the couch ;)

I'm looking for receiving blankets - can I have a pic please so I can check if I am looking for same item? Ta.

megstev said...

Hi Lindsay
In Australia we call the receiving blankets, bunny rugs. I've just done a Google search for bunny rugs and think I might have found some that you might like. Have a look ...
All the best