Saturday, January 03, 2009

The third day...

I appear to have left my brain, together with the ability to string 2 words together in a logical fashion back in 2008. I started 2 posts yesterday and they were complete drivel. Then I went to a games evening, and I could not make head or tail of Balderdash. The brain was mush. Make up something which sounds plausible? Hahahahahahahaha. I gave up after round one. I blame the medication, personally. I was, however, very good at keeping score in Tension, with 2 teams of 6 playing each other. And I could add up well enough to prove that my team won. So that was all that was necessary. Not that I am in the least bit competitive, of course.

It continues to be freezing here. Temps seldom rise above 0 degrees C. The Bump's quilt is almost done, and I feel the need to go shopping. Ridiculous really, because I don't need or want anything. I just want to go and look and see what is in the shops. On a Saturday. The last day of the school holidays. When the entire world will be shopping. At the sales. I am mad.

For some reason, I am restless today. Unsettled. Sigh. Maybe I should just go for a walk. I need to be back in the mountains.


Mary said...

Shopping - Mmmmm - could work? I have heard it is excellent therapy. Unless, you take the son - and he is the one doing the spending - of your money, of course - then it could lead to - say - debt! Remorse! Hours of lining up a the return counter! I have a good idea! - G.O.M.S.N.A.L.H.A.C!

Theresa said...

It's cold here too and I have the blahs. I don't like shopping but I like baking....that's probably what I'm gonna do today. Have a great day Linds.

Karen said...

Cold here too, but a beautiful sunny day (at the moment, LOL). I am going to tidy/vacuum my house, and then hopefully go to lunch at the cafe in town.

Alas shopping lately has been a disappointment. Can't find anything I want, and the shops are so busy and such a mess.

Hope your day is nice.

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

We woke up to zero here this morning as well. BBRRRR....

I just learned to play Balderdash this Christmas. It was given as a gift and is fun but did take some time getting into it.

I have thought a time or two about shopping as well, but dragging 2 children along who are on winter break has cured me from the desire for any length of time. :-)

I guess I should be grateful; they are probably saving me money! LOL!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

"I need to be back in the mountains."

Perfectly obvious to all of us out here in Blogdom...;> Now, do you think that the mountains are merely a metaphor or should they be your reality? Hmmmm, that's the question!

Shopping? Oh dear. It'll all be there Monday when you can actually enjoy it and go with a friend and have lunch out. See how well I can organize your life? LOL!

Needled Mom said...

It definitely sounds like you need to return to the mountains. At least you expect it to be cold there.

Enjoy the shopping. It doesn't sound like much fun to me.

Crystal said...

We are at -35 degrees Celsius this morning!! Dreadful cold but a chinook (the lovely warm SW wind) is blowing through tonight and it should be -4 by Monday!!!! Meanwhile we put on another layer of fleece :00))

I haven't been to a store since Dec. 24th when I got a few last minute groceries. Usually I like to pick up a few sale items in preparation for next year but I guess we'll do without this time. I really would like to get to a fabric store because they'll be clearing out the Christmas fabrics - we'll see!

I think you might be right about the medication. I know friends who have dealt with some of the things you mention. Hopefully things will correct themselves soon. Any chance that you will be able to go off the medication someday? Take care - and stay warm!! Please show us the quilt when it's finished!!

Barbara said...

Going for a walk always helps me. Not surprised that you are missing the mountains Linds.
Hope this is a great year for you Linds whatever. Full of amazing surprises.

txmomx6 said...

Heck, of course you're missing the mountains! I'M missing the mountains through you!!!
It's blah here, too. Eighty degrees and too humid to enjoy being inside without cranking up the AC.
See, we all have our crosses to bear, do we not?
Enjoy the walk .... wherever it takes you.

Luanne said...

It's hard to get that memory out of your mind right now isn't it? Escapes are always fun when you get away from the humdrum of that of that new normal thats been forced on you.

I love Balderdash but I can see how it could be hard to play when your mind feels like mush.

I get the way you feel after something is over that I have been looking foreward to. Most of the excitement was in the anticipation I guess.

Luckily for me, it usually only lasts for a day or two and then I find something else to start getting excited about.

Will you be showing us a picture of the quilt you are making for the bump. I loved the memory quilts you posted awhile ago. I need a hobby like that.

Happy walking and clearing of your head. Stay warm.


Isabelle said...

How wonderful (if not for a wonderful reason) to be able to say it's the last day of the school holidays and not then have to wince.

In three years' time I too should be able to say it with total equanimity. Lovely.

Hope the brain demushes soon. Maybe the mush is pregnancy-sympathetic mush?

PEA said...

My brain has been mush also...I'm so mixed up in my days, I don't know what day it is anymore! lol I think we're all just exhausted from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Retail therapy sounds like a good idea...I was intending on going out today to check out more sales but it's 5c out there and I just didn't feel like having to face that frigid air. Sigh.

Whatever you ended up doing, I do hope you feel less unsettled:-) xoxo

Lisa Marie said...

Hi Linds, ya I hear you about the mushy brain thing when it comes to games. That is how I played this holiday season too. I think it was the cold bugs that were invading my system that did it for me. Anyway I wanted to send you this link because the one photo made me think of you :)
If you look at picture #27 (almost the last one) it is in your sisters town and is a neat perspective of a skier from the jump with the building below him, so cool. Have a great day!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I don't know what you mean about not being coherent--this post is far better than the ones I usually spit out about nothing at all! I'm always happy to read others who are in the same walk of life as I am (mom to nearly-grown or grown children). Thanks for commenting at my place today.

Dawn said...

Care Bear, age 6, tried to teach me chess today. I am unteachable. She and her grandpa play and she does well. Makes me feel pretty pathetic!

I got the Christmas stuff stashed away today - a good feeling, but I am tired.

My Brit brother is here, but has had the yucky flu. We plan to have lunch together tomorrow after church - now I must figure out what to have!

Back to the mountains! I plan to post some lovely shots of our getaway soon.

Sandra said...

Shopping is always good right? I just tell myself I'm helping the economy LOL


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'm not on any medication of that type, so what to do I blame my mushy brain and bloggy drivel upon? ;o)

Hope you have a great Sunday and find a purpose so you won't be so restless and unsettled.

Love and hugs,